We may soon be free of artificial water fluoridation.
New legal research may force the closure of all
fluoridation dosing plants in Australia.
As in Israel – $4 billion class action-

Judgement: The ability to make considered
decisions or come to sensible conclusions.


( Not Comprehensive )


1.)   Many householders in fluoridated areas have made other arrangements for clean fluoride free drinking water, and therefore need to be excluded from research project statistics. 

(From ABS 2013 data, 9.9% of Aussies use rainwater harvesting and 6.5% use bottled water as their main source of drinking water. But 32.4% of Aussies have water filters, and about one quarter of these may be fluoride filters – ‘Reverse Osmosis’ or ‘Water-from-air-machines’.)


2.)  Rodents are much used as laboratory animals, they manufacture Vitamin C, which means they need larger doses of fluoride to damage or kill them. Unlike us humans who must obtain Vitamin ‘C’ from our diets. (Most humans are deficient in ‘C’ which is made worst with fluoride exposure.) Guinea pigs are therefor better for biomedical research. They may be more expensive to keep, but like us humans they cannot produce Vitamin ‘C’ and need it supplied in their diet).  See below 
If we must use animals for experiments, guinea pigs are therefore a better choice. 


3.)  Residents moving between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas before trials need to be identified and excluded from trials e.g. military bases.
Fluoride damage for some people can take time, often many years. However some humans are very sensitive and will react to fluoridation in days. (Fluorosis of teeth will only be visible if fluorides are present at the time of tooth formation. – The pain from skeletal fluorosis is indistinguishable from arthritis, most doctors are not aware of this.)


4.)  Workers moving between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas on workdays need to be identified and excluded. – Some may take drinking flasks to work; others may buy drinks at work.


5.)  Food and drink, commercial and domestic, moving between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas, and or imported from overseas, will interfere with results. This will mostly be soft drinks, beer, bottled water (More plastic bottles!) and wine. (Grapes are often sprayed with fluoride containing agricultural sprays, cryolite.)
See also →  Food Standards Aust. & NZ


6.)  Uneven distribution of fluoridated water throughout city water mains. – Water engineers have raised this issue from the first proposal to add fluoride to drinking water. The inability to control individual doses renders the notion of an “optimum concentration” and “dose” an impossible target and therefore a scientific nonsense. Not all dosing equipment is operational full time, some ‘under dose’ or are quietly closed down – for long periods, especially some smaller dosing plants. Brisbane was without fluoridation for many months during 2018.  This makes a mockery of “scientific trials”. (We are happy for these shutdowns and we are working towards a permanent shut down – a fluoride free future for Australia.) 


 7.)  Unrecognized difference between natural and artificial fluorides. Calcium fluoride occurs naturally, it is a problem as evidenced in many parts of the world, but the calcium acts as a buffer and renders it less injurious – but not harmless.


8.)  People living at the end of a dead end streets: No explanation seems to exist, but readings especially after low flow or non-use periods (night time) have high/er readings of fluoride in the water mains.


9.)  Different dietary habits and nutrient status of residents: Variation in body weight, infant formulae mixed with fluoridated water, rather than breast milk for babies, are more complications. Fluoride-pregnant women! (Drinking using a straw = less contact with tooth enamel.)


10.)  Climate, weather, geographic latitude and elevation will cause large water consumption variations.


11.)  Heavy manual labour resulting in higher water consumption, can be yet another variation. The NHMRC in 1954 was deeply concerned over sugar cane cutters (in Queensland) because of their high water and tea consumption.  Tea is high in fluoride.
In Australian mines (coal and minerals) – there have been a number of studies that the present NHMRC and FSANZ are desperate to avoid. “The average fluid consumption per shift was 6.48 liters (over this mix of different shift lengths) with a standard deviation of 2.41 liters and range of 2.40 to 12.50 liters.” – 
 (That is a lot of fluoride even if the tea is made with distilled water.)


12.)  Genetic background – e.g. Negro and Australian aborigines are more sensitive to fluorides, (low kidney function).  More → HERE


13.)  Contaminants in the fluoridation chemicals see separate list below…


14.)  Pets need clean water too! Dogs receive extra fluoride doses in some flea treatments: ‘FRONTLINE’ contains Fipronil  Fluoride Dangers: What’s In Your Dog’s Water?
(It seems strange that we the public are asking for the government NOT to spend money on fluoridation; so who are they pleasing by doing so, what is the real motivation, we know it does not prevent tooth decay, so no honest dentist is driving this!?) Never use fluoridated tooth paste on dogs teeth as they will swallow it.

 Variations of water pipes: New or old, lead, concrete, cast iron, polythene, copper, stainless steel, asbestos and mixed lines. New concrete lined pipes absorb fluorides for some time, but then the concrete will erode. Lead pipes and solder joints will release lead in a fluoride environment,
 Fluorides are corrosive.  Asbestos fibres are released into the water from thousands of kilometres of ‘fibro’ water pipes in Australian cities (1926 – 1986). [Not healthy for your intestinal tract – increaseing the risk of developing benign intestinal polyps.] The asbestos-cement mixture that drinking water pipes are made from releases asbestos fibres when subjected to vibration as well as to the friction flow of water and the corrosive action of fluorides and chlorine.

16.)  Fluoride pollution from power stations, industry, vehicles and occasionally volcanoes:

           Air: fluoride releases from industry, Anthropogenic sources of atmospheric fluoride can result from coal combustion by electrical utilities and other industries.
Releases can also occur from refineries and metal ore smelters, aluminium production plants, phosphate fertilizer plants, chemical production facilities, steel mills, magnesium plants, and brick and structural clay manufacturers, as well as copper and nickel producers, phosphate ore processors, glass manufacturers, and ceramic manufacturers
( All industrial chimneys should be fitted with scrubbers to capture fluorides and other toxic waste.)

Much of modern $cience is not about our health or the environment it is about patents, war, politics and profit.


17.)  Living near the ocean has the advantage of providing some iodine from the sea air which will help overcome the reduced iodine effect that fluoridation creates.




19.)   Other sources of fluorides: Tea, teflon, industrial pollution, toothpaste, dental treatments [including diammine silver fluoride] agricultural  chemicals, fluorinated pharmaceuticals.    More    underreported.  PFOS, PFOA, PFNA, PFAS, PTFOS, PFOA, PFHxA and PFBS etc. are all fluoride contaminants. (All the ‘Fs’ Are Code for Fluoride.)  recently being acknowledged.


20.)  Problems with fluorides for animals, people and plants are so many and varied that most of them go undiagnosed, and are often not mentioned in surveys, and many of the sources of fluorides are not recognised e.g. bathing.– “The failure to account for inhalation, mucosal and dermal exposures to fluorides is a most significant flaw in fluoride research. It invalidates all dosage conclusions based solely on ingestion through tap water.” [If fluorides can not be absorbed through human skin, how can we expect them to penetrate tooth enamel? – Many medications are applied to the skin, including nicotine patches! ]

21.)  As evidenced here, so many factors make scientific assessments of the benefits or otherwise of fluoridation impossible to tabulate. –  Fluoride is a  “Protected Pollutant” and it will mostly appear in the mainstream media only when it is being promoted.


22.)  Letter –   Philip Heggen-Safe Drinking Water Act.


23.)  Even more disturbing than the lie about the “benefits” of having “optimally fluoridated water,” is that the majority of physicians do not know how to treat fluoride poisoning, nor do they even know how to look for it or diagnose it.  Death by toothpaste.


24.)  Deliberately subjecting people to tobacco smoke against their will is socially unacceptable, and amongst sane members of society, deliberately subjecting people to fluoride pollution via tap water is also socially unacceptable, and legally contraindicated.


25.)  It is hard to repair teeth made brittle by fluoridation.


26.)  The two groups of per fluorinated compounds, fluoride based, (PFCs), the perfluoroalkyl sulfonates (PFSAs) and the perfluorocarboxylic acids (PFCAs) have raised alarm bells on a global scale. In particular, perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) have been shown to be toxic and very persistent, posing a global contamination problem. – Fluorides in any form or quantity are environmental toxins, in water, air, food and medicines. All governments have a responsibility to deal with these health hazards urgently.  We need public announcements not closed enquiries and cover-ups. Spiralling asbestos claims from the United States almost resulted in the collapse of the Lloyd’s of London insurance market in the 1990s. Fluoridation and fluorinated fire fighting foams are the new/next asbestos?


27.)   Effect of Sodium Fluoride and Stannous Fluoride on the Rate of Corrosion of Dental Amalgams


29.)   “Safe and Effective”    The Medical Definition.  [ ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So ‘ ]


30.)  The World Heath Organisation has stated resevations on fluoridation.


31.)  The lethal dose of NaF (the artificial fluoride) is 50 times smaller than that of CaF2 (the naturally-occurring fluoride) – Dr. Hardy Limeback, Biochemist and Professor of Dentistry, University of Toronto, former consultant to the Canadian Dental Association.

 More on   ‘The Safe Drinking Water Act’


As can be seen by the list of variables above, research into fluoridation, in the
field, the library, the laboratory or via statistics, requires much knowledge.
Many previous research outcomes have been compromised by
poor designs which have ignored some of the above.
Fluorides are extremely reactive variables,
dangerous and in many ways are
a little unpredictable and
not fully understood.


         U.S. and Canadian studies found 25-33% of people are marginally deficient of vitamin C. Up to 20% of some populations are severely deficient.
College students, smokers, and older adults may be at higher risk of this deficiency.
More disturbing, humans have lost their ability to produce their own vitamin C.
According to Dr. Ronald Hunninghake (a world renowned vitamin C expert), every creature, when needed, can greatly increase production of vitamin C from their liver or kidneys except for humans, primates, and guinea pigs. [and some fruit bats]
Dr. Hunninghake points out how we still have the gene that makes the
L-gulonolactone oxidase enzyme that converts glucose to vitamin C,
but the gene is non-functional. [Now there is a project for some laboratory.]

Fluoridation is Mass Medication,
New Zealand Supreme Court Rules

Organizations [USA] that once endorsed
fluoridation but no longer do, include:
         Centre for Science in the Public Interest 
         Consumers Union (Consumer Reports) 
         National Down Syndrome Congress
         New York Academy of Medicine
        National Kidney Foundation
         American Cancer Society



Fluosiloxanes, Aluminium, Iron, Arsenic,

Beryllium, Cadmium, Nickel, Lead, 

Mercury, Chromium, Sulfides,

and Radionuclides.


Clean Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air!

CORRODED-STRIP Typical Home Reverse Osmosis System

As can be extrapolated from the above, in all situations
the harm done by fluoridation is probably much 
greater than current research would suggest.

Mount Crosby Pipeline – Brisbane – maintenance