Fortunately industry and government officials
are now unable to
 hide behind the fact that
no adequate studies exist to measure the

debilitating effects of drinking asbestos
contaminated water.

Mount Crosby Pipeline Maintenance
Brisbane – Queensland

    It is commendable that the maintenance of this vital infrastructure is underway, however the corrosion INSIDE these pipes and over severn thousand kilometres of water mains in South East Queensland can be reduced as soon as fluoridation is stopped.

Corrosion by fluoride 

It is of some concern to us that many kilometres of asbestos cement water pipe are being damaged by fluoride and are releasing ASBESTOS into our drinking, laundry*** and bathing water. 


Not healthy for your intestinal tract – due to the increased risk of developing benign intestinal polyps.
The asbestos-cement mixture that drinking water pipes are made of, release asbestos fibres when subjected to vibration as well as to the frictional flow of water and the corrosive action of fluorides and chlorine.


Brisbane Courier Mail – 29 August 2019


 Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency

Another study looked at over 700 workers at lighthouses in Norway who served as keepers at any point between 1917 and 1967.
A subset of those workers had consumed asbestos-contaminated water. This group was at a significantly increased risk of developing digestive cancers, with the greatest risk specifically for stomach cancer.

* * * Asbestos fibres can be distributed throughout household air from drying laundry washed in asbestos contaminated water...  

The relationship between mesothelioma and exposure to asbestos is well established.
All asbestos water pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible.


– Reynolds Pay $3.5 million – Asbestos Cigarette Filters


The Nuclear Industry Will Confirm That

Fluorides are Corrosive 





Some Background Info On Asbestos:

     The ancient Romans believed that asbestos was “magical,” while some Canadians have referred to it as a “miracle” substance, and “white gold.”
So valuable is asbestos in the use of some products, that manufacturers have viewed it as irreplaceable. They have argued that supposed substitutes are less reliable and often much more costly.

Asbestos minerals take the form of extremely thin and flexible fibers, which at the same time have great thermal stability and tensile strength. Along with being incombustible, asbestos fibers are virtually immune to corrosion and decay under most conditions of temperature and moisture. These unique properties make asbestos an attractive substance in the making of many industrial products.
Some of these include: asbestos-cement for building products and drainage pipes, fire-resistant insulation, and brake linings.

Asbestos, however, also poses some serious health risks.
The properties that make asbestos a useful industrial product also make it a dangerous health risks. The innumerable fibres that make up its structure are so small that they are easily suspended in the ambient air.