This power supply is unknown to most climate modellers!

Extract from: The Electric Universe 

Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott

What About Climate Change?

“It is an enigma that the most violent weather is to be
found on the most distant planets.
The answer is that all the planets are in the Sun’s electrical circuit.

And the power supply is unknown to most climate modellers.
Yet water is an electrically polarized molecule, so that storms
and tornadoes are electrically polarised.
If we wish to modify climate, the way ahead may be in
electric weather modification. 
New Possibilities Abound.”

 An Amazing Book !   This book not only complements
‘The Electric Sky’ book, but actually overlaps very little,
while covering cosmic quandaries and plasma and
electricity in space. The chapter on the electrical
properties of comets is such great material,
thoroughly convincing