FLUORIDATION – Professionals who are skeptical.

 Sir Edward Dunlop stood on the platform of the Melbourne
Town Hall-June 1975 & delivered a paper against fluoridation

F. Prof who are skeptical

Prof. Abdul RazakUSM Uni LogoHe is also a member of the World Health Organisation’s
Expert Advisory Panel on Drug Policies & Management

Prof. Razak.green line

Dr. William Hirzy ff
❝ Putting this stuff into drinking water,
is essentially a hazardous waste management tool.
It has nothing to do with dental health, whatsoever. ❞
See Film Below 3
Dr. William Hirzy →  Source

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George Walbott ff

Dr. George L. Waldbott – Fluoride Allergies
physician, scientist, and a leading activist against fluoridation.

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Dr. R.V.S.N.SarmaDr. R.V.S.N. Sarma

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Ralph NaderSee Film Below 3⇓ He Speaks On Fluoridation

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Sir E Dunlop 3images ffAn Australian surgeon who was renowned for his leadership while being held prisoner by the Japanese during World War II – Sir Edward was held in great scientific and medical esteem, in Australia, and throughout the world. 

Sir Edward stood on the platform of the Melbourne Town Hall, June 1975 and delivered a paper against fluoridation. A few quotes from his speech, and his constant support the anti-fluoridation movement prompt us all to once again pay homage to this great gentleman. He stated:

inver-com.opening… Some early enthusiasm arising from the dental beliefs has been replaced by doubts in many countries. Objection to fluoridation on scientific grounds has been based on various points. The one about which I am most personally informed is the incidence of toxic fluorosis, especially in the skeleton. Crippling deformities of the skeleton due to fluoride toxicity such as ‘forward bending’, ‘stiffness of the spine’, ‘reduced mobility of the chest’, and ‘sprouts on the bone; have been reported from different parts of the world…

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Sallyanne Atkinson Mayor

Brisbane Mayor Atkinson   April 1985 she proposed to fluoridate
Brisbane city, but changed her mind after receiving numerous
letters from citizens and technical literature – see below 
FLUORIDATION 1979  by Philip Sutton
(Provided by Brisbane Anti-Fluoridation Association)green line

Sutton image ff

F.1979Sutton book cov.

❝ We are all affected by this potentially dangerous fraud:  The convincing of Governments and people generally that it is ethical, safe and beneficial to medicate, compulsorily, many millions of people throughout their lives with small but uncontrollable doses of a cumulative and very toxic substance because of the notion that it reduces the prevalence of dental decay.  All this, although neither its safety nor any scientifically-proved reduction in the number of decayed teeth has been demonstrated. ❞  

Read the complete book here→ F. 1979 Sutton 
See also → The Greatest Fraud – Fluoridation

See also → Fluoridation Omission And Errors
 See also →
Fluoridation Canberra 1963 – Killen

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Dr. Hardy Limeback ff

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Barry Commoner ff

Dr. Barry Commoner and Fluoride

Less-reported were a series of parallel scientific
 warning that fluoridation would increase
 absorption of this deadly radioactive isotope.



Synergism with Fluorides and Sr-90


It would seem that it is easier to stop nuclear
testing in USA than to stop fluoridation!

STRONTIUM & F.green line

Moissan focused on fluorine chemistry and
especially the production of fluorine itself…

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consumer Advocate

❝ …This is an expense you don’t want or need…
adding any drug to Drinking Water is a problem…
Please spend your resources on cleaning up the
Drinking Water and stop pumping out drugs… ❞
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Willy Lange

Willy Lange, studied chemistry at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Berlin, Germany. (Humboldt University) PhD thesis 1923 on the action of sulfuric acid on fluorspar and properties of fluorosufonic acid. Prepared sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP) in 1929. Attempts to isolate the free monofluophosphate acid led to the preparation of some of its esters, in 1932, with one of his graduate students, Gerda von Krueger. Their classic report on the toxic effects of there esters is cited in almost every review on “nerve agents”. In the late 1960’s, Lange became involved in a controversial discussion on the eutrophication effect of phosphates. © Peter MeierDr. Burgstahler ffAs a Chemist...

The Chemist’s Creed →HERE
This has also been confirmed by analysis of cataracted and un-cataracted eye lenses.
The older the person, the more fluoride is in the lenses. It is therefor no surprise that recent research from Nuclear Medicine Communications,  

( Pubmed Data: Nucl Med Commun. 2012 Jan;33(1):14-20. PMID:21946616 )  Highlights the fact that mass fluoride exposure may be to blame for the cardiovascular disease epidemic that takes more lives each year than cancer (USA).green line

The Science of Fluoridation

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… Decline in Tooth Decay relates to reduced Airborne Lead (Pb) …

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A Quick Guide to Fluoride Harms

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Ceasing Fluoridation is the honourable, clever and economic thing to do.

green linepeople of courage s
Dr. Andrew Harms interview ⇒  HEREgreen line

John Colquhoun dentist NZ ffDr John Colquhoun, BDS, PhD
Principal Dental Officer for Auckland.
His account of why, in 1983, he changed
his mind about fluoridation.green line

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Yael-German-f ISRAEL – Health Minister  Yael German
announced last year that she planned 
end fluoridation in Israel – and she did.

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Dr Hardy Limeback

Dr Russell Blaylock

Dr Bill Osmunson

Christopher Bryson

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Doug.-Everingham-fDr. Doug Everingham Federal Health Minister Douglas Nixon ‘Doug’ Everingham (born 25 June 1923) is a former Australian politician and minister. Everingham graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Sydney in 1946 and worked in public and private hospitals and as a family doctor. Everingham was elected the Australian Labor Party member for the House of Representatives seat of Capricornia at a by-election in 1967. In the Gough Whitlam government of 1972–75 he served as Minister for Health.❝ As a family doctor and often Acting Government Medical Officer in Rockhampton over in the 1950s I wrote a letter praising fluoridation published in the local ‘The Morning Bulletin’. This prompted the late Jack Harding and others to show me books that warned of fluoridation risks.green lineF. Photos of 5 anti F. faces copy
green line21 Forrestal copy

James Vincent Forrestal,
First Secretary of Defense.

More Info on James Forrestal’s death
 → HERE  &  life→ HERE 

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Dr. Weston A. Price

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Professor Laurence WalshDental x-raysand fluoride for small children seem
medieval in the light of modern science.

The Social Implications of Neuroscience:
Linking Brain Biochemistry and Violent Crime.

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the largest international fluoride conference in the world,

the largest international fluoride conference in the world,

The campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland 
united these political foes in a campaign that defeated 
British government plans to fluoridate the North.

Ian Paisley & Gerry Adams Together Against Fluoridation“…Considering the uncontrolled way in which the entire population is
ingesting fluoride,-  how can anyone credibly talk about safe levels…?”

– Dr. David Kennedy  ↓  on Dr. William Marcus –


Dr Phyllis Mullenix – Pharmacologist and Toxicologist
In her work she found that fluoride concentrated in the brain and

that when the animals were exposed to fluoride before birth
they exhibited behaviour characterized as hyperactive, 
and when they were dosed after birth they became
hypoactive (“couch potatoes”).

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THE PINEAL GLAND – A Selection of Comments From Researchers.

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Fluoridation and Unicef

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800 MORE 


Dentist speaks!

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Fluoride Classified as a Neurotoxin in Medical Journalgreen line

MULTI CILOUR LINEA BIT LIGHT HEARTEDPam Ayres(Adapted from a Pam Ayres poem)

Oh, I wish I’d looked after my daughter,

 When fluoride was put in our water,
We were told that its magic,
But it turned out quite tragic,
Oh, I wish I’d looked after my daughter.
 I wish she’d been that much more willin’
When she had more tooth there than fillin’
To brush every night, 
to keep her teeth white
Instead of believin that villian’.

When I think of the lollies she licked,
And the liquorice allsorts she picked,
Sherbet dabs, big and little,
All that hard peanut brittle,
My conscience gets horribly pricked.
My Dearest, I told her no end,
That fluoride will not be your friend”

She was young then, and careless,
Her toothbrush was hairless,
She never had much time to spend.
They told us that fluoride’s all right,
But not about brushing at night,
So up-and-down brushin’

And pokin’ and fussin’
 Went out of the window, and sight.
If  I’d known we were paving the way,
To cavities, caps and decay,
The murder of  fiIlin’s 
Injections and drillin’s
I’d have thrown all her cola away.

If we’d known that you still should keep brushin
 Instead of the fluoride they’re pushin
Her teeth would be fine, 
And better than mine,
Now we’re off to the dentist and rushin.
so….. If  you want to keep bad teeth at bay
and don’t want to give dentists your pay
Fluoride don’t work 
 And you may feel a jerk
 But its the brushin that stops tooth decay.

green lineIf wot we pub..

green lineAlice - drink me

Alice with frame m

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland – 1865

P. bottle on sidegreen line



Nobel prize winners

How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures…

The function of government is to preserve order
in society – not to order society.