Australian Health Minister Says – No To Fluoridation.

The Greatest Fraud Fluoridation – Chapter Ten

“Reports still not disproved – suggest
involvement of fluoride medication in
contributing after some years of
consumption, to reduced immunities

or increased intensity or numbers of
cases, of disorders in
 human and
animal development or function of
 joints, brain, thyroid
and other tissues…

Doug. Everingham f

With the kind permission of Dr. Everingham
this recent letter is [has] being forwarded to all Queensland MPs and others by-

Douglas Nixon ‘Doug’ Everingham [Born: 25 June 1923, Australia – Died: 24 August 2017, Brisbane] a former Australian politician and minister. Everingham graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Sydney in 1946 and worked in public and private hospitals and as a family doctor.[1] Everingham was elected the Australian Labor Party member for the House of Representatives seat of Capricornia at a by-election in 1967...

In the Gough Whitlam Government of 1972–75
he served as 
Minister for Health.

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From Dr. Doug Everingham Federal Health Minister.   YouTube

  ❝ As a family doctor and often Acting Government Medical Officer in Rockhampton over in the 1950s I wrote a letter praising fluoridation published in the local ‘The Morning Bulletin’. This prompted the late Jack Harding and others to show me books that warned of fluoridation risks. I read those books and have continued to look at reports for and against fluoridation in medical journals and elsewhere.

Reports still not disproved suggest involvement of fluoride medication in contributing after some years of consumption to reduced immunities or increased intensity or numbers of cases of disorders in human and animal development or function of bones, joints, brain, thyroid and other tissues. Many of the water supplies now fluoridated were earlier showing dental signs of fluoride overdose in a significant proportion of their consumers, and fluoridation increases the prevalence and intensity of such dental fluorosis.

Reports criticize poor experimental and statistical methods in most surveys that favor water fluoridation. Official policy promoters overwhelmingly concede that public water supplies with 4 ppm (parts per million) fluoride are a hazard. Lower limits have been suggested for infants, sufferers from certain metabolic problems and persons exposed to hot conditions. No minimum concentration of fluoride in communal water supplies or in individual fluoride intake has been shown as necessary to produce fluorosis-free, cares-free teeth. despite repeated calls for such assessment by official reports.

Many studies suggest that the only proven caries-preventing function of fluoride lies in carefully applying toothpaste and dental therapy to tooth enamel, not in swallowing fluoride. Many authors want all artificial fluoridation stopped and natural water supplies limited to some unspecified fluoride level below 1 ppm.

Such authors include professionals formerly in charge of government promotion or direction of fluoridation. Among these are the former Dean of Melbourne’s dental school, Sir Arthur Amies, Dr John Colquhoun of New Zealand; and others in the few countries that still promote fluoridation, as well as many that have abandoned or avoided it.

Associate Professor Hardy Limeback, PhD, BSc, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto and Past President, Canadian Association for Dental Research, is typical of ever more researchers who have turned against fluoridation. In 1999 he apologized for inadvertently misleading colleagues and students, saying “For the past 15 years I had refused to study the toxicology information that is readily available to anyone. Poisoning our children was the furthest thing from my mind.”

It thus took that eminent expert 15 years to face plain and crucial scientific facts that were avoided and disparaged by traditional authorities and some industrial sponsors. I took me 10 years after graduating. It is time for remaining fluoridation promoters to get past collecting titles of supporting political authorities and stop ridiculing opponents as if they were all dupes, cranks, quacks or dimwits.
They may then make a similar apology. ❞

Doug N Everingham MB, BS (Univ Syd 1946)
Member, Australian House of Representatives
1967-75 & 1977-84
Australian Minister for Health 1972-75
Vice-President [West Pacific Region’s nominee] at
World Health Assembly, Geneva 1975.

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Post script from Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation: ❝  The Federal Labor Party has initiatives in Oral Health that they can be very proud of (starting the School Dental Service – Gough Whitlam sent 100 dental therapists to New Zealand for training to get it started quickly) and Labor introduced the Commonwealth Oral Dental Health Scheme. ❞

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 Fluoride & Autism Spectrum Disorders 

   ❝ I have been researching fluoride in water for the “neuro-typical” population and have found many risks for this population let alone the ASD population.  It would make sense that those with ASD would be just as susceptible if not more as they tend to have physiological systems that are more sensitive.  Here is a letter written to the Queensland Government regarding this issue.  There are many more doctors who have signed the letter but I have only included the main author.  As well here is a website that may be beneficial in your quest for more information.             

The Premier of Queensland 
Queensland Minister for Health
 Lord Mayor of Brisbane 
Deputy Lord Mayor of Brisbane 
Councillors, all Cities and Shires of Queensland

We wish to express our grave concerns regarding renewed proposals to fluoridate Queensland’s water supplies. Fluoridation began at a time when asbestos lined our pipes, when lead was added to petrol, and DDT was regarded as safe and effective. These chemicals have now been banned, but fluoridation remains untouched 
( Research is now raising doubts about fluoridation’s effectiveness. Data compiled by the World Health Organization shows tooth decay has declined at a similar rate in all Western Countries, irrespective of each country’s water or salt fluoridation status
 ( New evidence for potential serious harm from long-term fluoride ingestion is also emerging. This evidence is summarised on the following web sites: and .It is extraordinary that the same people who reject abundant global evidence about the association between fluoride ingestion and organ damage (e.g. to bones, teeth, glands, or immune system), embrace the questionable science used to support its benefits. They ignore the many confounding possible influences in this research. This includes sugar consumption (averaging 1 kg per week per person in Australia) much of which is hidden, other nutritional influences, general dental hygiene, use of floss and movements in population. Recent studies by several eminent researchers strongly suggest that fluoride works primarily by topical means through direct action on the surface of the teeth via toothpaste, or gels used in dental treatments ( see: XIII, ‘topical versus systemic effects’), (Centres for Disease Control {CDC}1999 and 2001). Ingestion of fluoride through drinking fluoridated water is not essential nor effective for caries reduction.Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS, BSc, (Associate Professor and Head, Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto and Past President of the Canadian Association for Dental Research) apologised in 1999 for inadvertently misleading both his colleagues and dental students in his support for fluoridation. Addressing them he concluded: “For the past 15 years, I had refused to study the toxicology information that is readily available to anyone. Poisoning our children was the furthest thing from my mind”(
The fluoridating agent most commonly used is a hazardous contaminated industrial – grade product from the phosphate fertilizer industry  ( We strongly reject the notion that placing a chronic poison in our water supplies is clever preventive medicine. We represent 1500 doctors, dentists, scientists and others working in the interests of public health who are primarily interested in prevention and early intervention in disease processes.The question of fluoridation was considered with care, openness and good representation by the Lord Mayor’s Task Force in 1997 which came down clearly against fluoridating Brisbane’s water supply ( ).
It is astounding that this issue could again be raised in Queensland in an apparently coordinated national campaign.
No new evidence has been put forward to our knowledge that would warrant a revision of the 1997 decision. We will urge Queenslanders to study the evidence showing potential serious harm from long – term fluoride ingestion and to inform their councilors and state members how they feel about this matter. ❞

Yours sincerely,

Dr Doug Everingham MBBS

1972-75 Australian Minister for Health
World Health Assembly 1975
National Delegation Leader
 and Vice-President for
Western Pacific WHO Region

 Doug Everingham died 24th August 2017- aged 94 

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