Third Congress of the European Association of Dental Public Health -1999 +

What’s more, worldwide research demonstrates
this miniscule cavity reduction can be
explained by delayed tooth eruption,
caused by fluoridated water. 

ABSTRACTS from 3nd EADPH Congress
The third congress of the European Association of Dental Public Health,
8–9th September 1999, Strasbourg, France
Originally Published in Community Dental Health Volume 16 Number 3
Copywrite BASCD 1999 



Water Fluoridation Delays Tooth Eruption Rather Than Fighting Cavities.

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BLUE-RED-BLUE strip“This isn’t just about teeth any longer. When fluoridation is seen to cause
delayed tooth eruption, what else is it doing to our bodies?”,
says Robert J. Fleming, President of:

 Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration.
“Public health needs to brush up on the latest research.
Repeating opinions, endorsements and
name-dropping will no longer cut it.”

(There are many papers on this topic.)