Although it may have started out as a good
sound analytical way to advance knowledge,
 ‘Scientific Method’ has degenerated
into a cult whose worship functions
to limit access
 to medical advances.


   In medicine, it states that you must do double blind clinical trials with proper equipment, and properly trained and educated people.
As time has passed it has evolved that only a few accredited multi-million dollar research organizations really receive much attention for work done along these lines.

The religion of the scientific method is so well established that no one considers that they should question it.
The mere fact that I question it here makes you wonder about my intelligence.

This method of expensive double blind studies has reduced the possibility of bringing simple cures by ordinary people to market due to the financial requirements. The estimates for the cost to bring a new drug to market vary widely, from $150 – $800 million. Thus for a person like myself to get clinical trials done, it would cost millions of dollars to hire such organizations.   Let’s think about ‘double blind’ for a minute. MMS is not a pill or a drug. MMS has a distinctive color and taste, and it is activated just before ingesting, making it very difficult to set up trials where the MMS and a placebo are given without the patient and the researcher knowing which was which. Let me ask you this: what scientific data says that a medicine won’t work unless you prove it with double blind tests?


There is already a cure for every disease known to man. Do you think our research is so poor that we are still looking for the cure for cancer? As in most incomprehensible outcomes, the rule is ‘Follow the money.” What happens to the physician’s income if everyone is well and stays that way? Not just the doctor but all the supporting industries like the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, medical equipment, diagnostics labs, nurses and so on. Millions of jobs and billions of dollars are in the balance and human nature prevails. Most governments will actually give permission to research new medicines, but the resistance comes from those whose income will be threatened by the success of the new methods.

  There is a cure for everything!  Polio and brain damage are two examples. World War I nurse Elizabeth Kenny treated millions of polio victims around the world before her death in 1952, including actor Alan Alda, and her legacy is the Minneapolis Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. Her controversial techniques brought her into conflict with the AMA, and chances are, you have never heard of this outspoken Australian or her books including ‘And They Shall Walk’ (1943).

  Glenn Doman and his wife pioneered new methods to overcome brain damage in children and adults.  His techniques have cured hundreds of thousands of brain damaged individuals in over 30 different countries, but the medical boards and child psychiatrists simply refuse to endorse his theories here in the US, so thousands of brain damaged children are never helped. You are led to believe that once you spend the millions to do all the clinical trials and testing and you have the proof, then society will adopt the research. Unfortunately, that does not happen, and that is the whole crux of the matter.
My examples prove that successful treatments do not guarantee acceptance by the establishment in the US and most industrial nations.

Can you imagine what it could be like without the scientific method worshiped by all college graduates, scientists, and much of the human race? The department of the Government for improving national health would receive a report from the field, “Jim Humble has cured 100 cases of cancer this year.”
The department would show up at my house within a day or two of the report.  “We understand you have cured some cancer cases with an unusual medicine and we are here to investigate.  Give us the data you have on MMS and addresses of the people cured.” They would then investigate and find dozens of people actually cured.  It would take a few days, not years.  They would consult with chemists and scientists and finally give me a green light to go ahead, because the evidence is actually overwhelming. The same would have happened to Rife, Koch, Elizabeth Kenny, Greg Caton and a hundred others.

That same investigation department would stop those who were charlatans.
The human race would be disease free by now.
So please, don’t worship the scientific method, it is baloney.


Our thanks go to Jim Humble

[ Why are rats ? used as experimental animals – rats make vitamin C, you need a designer poison to kill rats – fluoride.

If we must use animals we should use guinea pigs, which
like us do not manufacture vitamin C, – or Danio rerio  ]

Fluoride and Zebrafish – (Danio rerio) + Salmon

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