This paper does not mention fluoride and it
needs to be considered
 with previous
research into Underground Water in Queensland.

Ross Kieinschmit may not be aware of the existence
 of this Queensland Government Research.

We thank him for his in depth research paper.

Nuclear fallout from atomic tests in Australia resulted
some contamination at RAAF Base Amberley.
Aircraft monitoring radioactive clouds were
washed down on the edge of

This sign will be erected along the Bremer River and Warrill Creek, warning people not to eat fish caught in either waterway as testing has shown high levels of PFAS chemcials.

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The naturally occurring radioactive elements uranium
and thorium,
 like most chemical elements,
are formed in stars and comprise a

small amount of the material that formed the earth.
The radioactive isotopes uranium-238 (U-238)
and thorium-232 (Th-232) have decay times (half-lives)
which are comparable with, or larger than, the age of the earth,
so they have always been present in the earth’s crust
and within the tissues of all living species 

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