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Senator Gerard Rennick’s Maiden Speech

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Maybe his party may not like it…!

We agree with many of his comments…


‘Volcanoes Main Cause Of Global Warming’

  Brief But Important 

Info On Ten Major Fluorides

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 It is very difficult to have confidence
in this or any organization while
it supports fluoridation –
and claims carbon dioxide
as a contender for global warming !

~  Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory ~.

The observatory was opened in 1839.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, the head of space research at
St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia,
recently linked the attenuation of ice caps on Mars to fluctuations
in the sun’s output. Abdussamatov also blamed solar fluctuations
for Earth’s current global warming trend. His initial comments
were published online by National Geographic News…
~  Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory ~
~ Water on Mars ~

Solar Storm Dumps Gigawatts
into Earth’s Upper Atmosphere



Correcting Misinformation on Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

  How Do Volcanoes Affect Global Warming ?

Science News – Carbon Cooling!


CSIRO in bed with multinationals

Goodbye CSIRO — Good Buy ! ! !

Oh!  and  now  funded by…!

   The corporations listed by Hindmarsh as having direct financial connections with CSIRO include: Agrigenetics, Monsanto, Rhone Poulenc and AgrEvo (later part of Aventis and then Bayer).


    A collaboration between the CSIRO and Monsanto generated Australia’s first major GM commercial crop. [ ! ]
On the day of the announcement of the commercial approval for Bayer’s GM Canola  oilseed (rape seed) in Australia, CSIRO announced that Bayer would be extending its lucrative investment in CSIRO “to develop modern biotechnology tools applicable to cotton and other crops”.
The press release said, For Bayer Crop Science, the alliance with CSIRO is regarded as a model for global cooperation.
  [ ! ? ]

“For some, it is a model of everything that’s wrong in the relationship between public science and private interests. !


   80% of  Canola plants grown in Canada (the number one producer of Canola) ARE genetically modified to withstand the treatment of herbicides. [ Like glyphosate, aka Round-Up, a Monsanto herbicide.]

 [ The ‘Can’ in Canola is for ‘Canada’. ]

7 Common Drugs That Contain FLUORIDE


Fluoride Contamination

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is the most
potent greenhouse gas that it has
with a ‘g’ of
22,800 times that of
when compared over a 100-year period.
More than 10,000 tons are produced per year.

NF3 with a global warming potentialof 17,000, 
is now present in the atmosphere at four
 the expected level and rapidly rising.

[ Are other planets in our solar system
also undergoing climate change? ]

“…There is reason to believe that the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field in recent decades gives a climatic effect. The reason for this lies in the molten core of the Earth, where for some reason the generation of the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened. That is, perhaps humanity is not to blame in this case”
     ~ Sincerely, V. Lozitsky   ( Very technical ).

The South Pole ice cap is melting from below
See ⇒  HERE.

When the ice caps melt, frozen CO2

is released…

  Major Epidemics from 412 BC 





There are over 6000 products made
from oil, a partial list is available
It lists such diverse and everyday things
as toothpaste, toilet seats, anti-freeze,
shampoo, pillows, artificial limbs
and sunglasses

C. change s

.SunSpot with framesunspots

See also: 

World Temperatures Falling
– CO2 Keeps Rising

The Northwest Passage

…Similar events occurred in the 1920s and 1930s,
with disappearing sea ice, changing wildlife patterns,
and the opening of the Northwest Passage in
1939 & 1940. [see below] Arctic temperatures
were just as warm then as they are now…
See also the book
1421 The Year China Discovered the World
by Gavin Menzies.
On 8 February 1421 the largest fleet the world
had ever seen sailed from its base in China.
The ships, 500 foot long junks made from
the finest teak and mahogany

Plasma’ ‘The Forth State’ is NOT
part of climate modellers lexicon [ yet ].

Views On The Coverage Of Greenhouse Gases-Australia

White Island New Zealand – Volcanic Gases

More Green Facts F. Gases-Ozone-Climate

Go to page 11

Hydrogen Power

More on Scrubbers

 Please note the difference between

COAL- Steaming & Coking


Coking Coal and Steaming Coal





Gregg D. Thompson Climate Co2


EPA logo


CO2-Climate Change / Global Warming Mantra:


Cycles, Not Carbon Dioxide, Control Climate

The war on hydro-carbon fuels will
have no measurable
 effect on
global temperatures. Nor
will carbon
 taxes, carbon
offsets or subsidies for
wind turbines, or solar panels.

Consider bush fires, and variations
in solar radiation!

It needs a lot of coal to make steel,
glass, concrete and house bricks.



Mark Livne – Climate Change Update

Carbon Pollution – Australia’s Contribution – Coal

 ⇓  HERE  ⇓
Today, scientists are seeing the
accomplishments of science demonized, 

one of the three most
important molecular
substances that make life possible

– atmospheric carbon dioxide –
(the other two being oxygen and water) –

denigrated as an atmospheric “pollutant”
in a widely circulated movie.

Scientists who have carefully examined the facts know
that this movie contains numerous falsehoods.

This and many other similar misguided propaganda efforts in the media, naturally repel men and women who know the truth.
The search for truth is the essence of science.
When science is misrepresented, scientists are naturally incensed.

     Harold Warren Lewis, a respected physicist who had previously advised both the U.S. Government and the Pentagon on various matters including missile defence and nuclear winter, shocked his peers when he disseminated his letter of resignation from the American Physical Society. Lewis accused the American Physical Society of supporting 

The global warming scam, with the trillions of dollars driving it,
that has corrupted so many scientists

The F-gas industry plot to subvert EU climate legislation


Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said:
” Today marks the
beginning of the end for fluorinated gases in Europe.

Not only is this good for the climate, but also for the
European industries
 that will invest in more
innovative, cleaner alternatives…”

European Commission Welcomes Parliament Vote
on Fluorinated Gases+

pink strip

but last month, a study from the
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
reported that nitrogen tri-fluoride
(NF3), with a global warming potential of

17,000, is now present in the atmosphere
at four times the expected level
and rapidly rising.
Use of NF3 is currently booming,
for products from
 computer chips and
flats-screen LCDs to thin-film
solar photovoltaics, 
an economical
and increasingly popular
solar power format.

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Volcanoes Under Antarctica + Greenland Warming

EPA – Sea level changes since 1880 »⇒ HERE

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A revealing good read !

In the years 1421-22 the Chinese sailed around
the North and South Poles, and though the
Northwest Passage, which was then ice-free.
They chiseled marks in the rocks on various headlands
 around the world. These marks are now below low water
mark –
evidence of warmer times and oceans rising…
See original below.


This is significant because the
North-west passage in open ‘AGAIN’ !

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Visit our site on  »⇒ PRIMARY WATER

pink stripUpsideDownpink stripOctober 2015 – Toronto – Comments from lecture by

Sydney White 

MUTANTS ARISE – Studies in Propagandapink stripUpsideDown


Piers Corbyn …We need a world campaign
to clear out the fraud and clean up science”

The Frozen Thames 1677More ⇒ HERE

 Medieval Warm Period

the climate keeps changingBUBBLES CO2 S

Sorry Al !

Our forests and our oceans
all need MORE CO2:

Why environmentalists are celebrating
rising CO2 levels


Carbon dioxide is NOT a hazard,
to tax it makes no sense.
It is a breath tax !
Carbon dioxide as the single cause of climate change is
the new version of the non-event Millennium Bug’.

It certainly looks like all this global warming nonsense might just be a lot of hot air.See Film Below 3

Al Gore interview s




Click here for the full detail

3 of the 6

   2)  PERFLUOROCARBONS           (PFCs)

Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6)
is a non-flammable greenhouse gas.
It has an atmospheric
residence time ranging from 
500 to
several thousand years 
according to the
intergovernmental panel on climate change.

SF6 is the most potent greenhouse gas that it has evaluated, with a ‘g’  of  22,800 times that of CO2 when compared over a 100-year period. Measurements of SF6 show that its global average mixing ratio has increased by about 0.2ppt [Parts per trillion] per year to over 7 ppt. 

Sulfur hexafluoride is also extremely long-lived. It is inert in the troposphere and stratosphere and has an estimated atmospheric lifetime of 800–3200 years. (ozone depletion.) Atmospheric lifetime and GWP relative to CO2 at different time.

co2 anthropocene times

Geophysical Research Letters – article:
“Ozone Depletion by Hydrofluorocarbons”

NASA Study Shows That Common Coolants
Contribute to Ozone Depletion:

NASA Study



⇒  HERE  ⇐

Uni.East Anglia


By Staff  Writers – Norwich, UK (SPX) 16 March 2014:
Scientists at the University of East Anglia have identified four new man-made gases in the atmosphere–all of which are contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer.
[~These are fluoride gases.~ ]

     New research published today in the journal Nature Geoscience reveals that more than 74,000 tonnes of three new chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and one new hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) have been released into the atmosphere.
[~These are fluoride gases.~]

     Scientists made the discovery by comparing today’s air samples with air trapped in polar firn snow – which provides a century-old natural archive of the atmosphere. They also looked at air collected between 1978 and 2012 in unpolluted Tasmania. Measurements show that all four new gases have been released into the atmosphere recently – and that two are significantly accumulating. Emission increases of this scale have not been seen for any other CFCs since controls were introduced during the 1990s. But they are nowhere near peak CFC emissions of the 1980s which reached around a million tonnes a year. Lead researcher  from UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences said: “Our research has shown four gases that were not around in the atmosphere at all until the 1960s which suggests they are man-made.”

CFCs are the main cause of the hole in the
ozone layer over Antarctica.
Laws to reduce and phase out CFCs came into force in 1989, followed by a total ban in 2010. This has resulted in successfully reducing the production of many of these compounds on a global scale. However, legislation loopholes still allow some usage for exempted purposes.

The identification of these four NEW gases is very worrying as they will contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. We don’t know where the new gases are being emitted from and this should be investigated. Possible sources include feedstock chemicals for insecticide production and solvents for cleaning electronic components.

“What’s more, the three CFCs are being destroyed very slowly in the atmosphere – so even if emissions were to stop immediately, they will still be around for many decades to come,” he added.

This research has been funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), the European Union, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (Australia).

‘Newly detected ozone depleting substances in the atmosphere’ is published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Sunday, 9 March 2014.

Oak Ridge’s Final Judgement – The K-25 Fluoride Disaster

Sorry, Not good bed time reading.

csiro logo Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


Thank you C.R.I.R.O.
Full text »⇒  HERE  ⇐«

Hyundai hydrogen car here in Australia

Filling up with H2 – Germany 

100 hydrogen filling stations built by 2019.

Germany signs contract for first hydrogen-powered trains.



  Notice all the F.s – Code for Fluoride 


“RAAF previously used harmless environmentally friendly fermented
blood and bone,
 and liquorice to make fire fighting foam.
I know this, as I was there, – and used it.” CHP

RAAF Base Amberley Queensland 1960-1973

Modern Fluoride Free Foams do Exist

See ABC TV FOUR CORNERS’ October 2017

The Australian Broadcast Corporation seems to be intimidated
– it does not use the ‘F.’ word (fluoride)?

18 December 2018

The ‘F’ Word OK in Europe – EFSA


     EXTRACT: Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) are potent greenhouse gases (GHGs), which can be collectively described as Kyoto Protocol synthetic GHGs (KP-SGGs). HFCs are used extensively in Australia, largely in air conditioning and refrigeration, initially as ‘ozone-friendly’ replacements for chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Minor uses of HFCs in Australia are as aerosol propellants, including metered dose inhalers (MDIs), as foam blowing agents and in fire extinguishers. PFCs are a by-product of the production of aluminium in Australia and overseas and, in addition, are used overseas in the electronics industry during the manufacture of integrated circuits and plasma screens. Refrigeration represents a very minor use of PFCs in Australia and overseas. Sulfur hexafluoride is used extensively in the electricity distribution industry, both in Australia and overseas, for dielectric insulation and current interruption in circuit breakers, switchgear, and other electrical equipment, and as a cover gas in metal production, for example magnesium. There does not appear to be any significant use of nitrogen trifluoride in Australia, which is used internationally in the semi-conductor production industry, initially as a replacement for PFCs.

Sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) and trifluoromethyl sulfurpentafluoride (CF3SF5) are potent synthetic greenhouse gases that  ARE  NOT  PART  OF  THE  KYOTO PROTOCOL  SUITE  of  SGGs  (KP-SGGs).
[ Our emphasis ] Sulfuryl fluoride use in Australia is growing rapidly, as a replacement for phosphine (PH3) and possibly methyl bromide (CH3Br), in grain fumigation. [*] It is unlikely that trifluoromethyl sulfurpentafluoride is used in Australia. Its occurrence in the atmosphere is largely as a by-product of the production of perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS: CF3(CF2)7SO3H), which has never been manufactured in Australia, but is a key ingredient in fabric stain repellants (e.g. 3M’s Scotchguard
) …  Full text  HERE

[*]  HOWEVER R744  (Co2)  is a cleaner and safer option…
Used by sailing ships:-

A lighted candle placed in the barrel of grain before sealing up the lid.
Simple, safe and cheap – no oxygen – Goodby weevils… 


Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part C: Environmental Carcinogenesis and Ecotoxicology ReviewsVolume 28Issue 2, 2010

 Abstract: Sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) is used primarily as a fumigant in replacement of methyl bromide, but it has the potential to contribute significantly to the global warming. This article introduces SO2F2 in the physicochemical properties, the current uses in agriculture and industry, the toxicological data, and the environmental implications on the basis of its environmental properties. The health hazards of SO2F2 and its probable decomposition products were also evaluated based on their occupational exposure limits and possible exposure sources. The resident and occupational exposure assessment was further discussed to understand seriousness of risk caused by SO2F2 and its decomposition products…

environment canada

EXTRACT: Inorganic fluorides are used in Canada and emitted into the Canadian environment both from anthropogenic (estimated releases of approximately 23,500 tonnes/year) and natural sources (amounts released are not known). The main anthropogenic sources of inorganic fluorides in Canada include phosphate fertilizer production, chemical production, and aluminum smelting. Gaseous inorganic fluorides (e.g., hydrogen fluoride and sulphur hexafluoride) are primarily released into the atmosphere, whereas particulate compounds (e.g., sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride) are released into the aquatic and terrestrial environments.


The new Air Resources Board regulation

 California Limits SF6
 Environment News Service

?…In 1999, PG & E set a three-year goal of reducing annual SF6  emissions by 50 percent from a 1998 baseline and achieve this goal. Efforts to reduce SF6 emissions at PG & E resulted in the discovery that more equipment was leaking than the company previously thought… ?




 Notice all the Fs ] Also known as HFO-1234yf
HONEYWELL has hit back at a
German motoring magazine article describing its new
as a ” Killer Refrigerant.”

     While car manufacturers around the world look set to standardise on 1234yf as the replacement for R134a in vehicle air conditioning systems, environmental groups and others in Germany continue to raise concerns over its flammability and the potential release of highly toxic hydrogen fluoride in the case of a fire.
Under the headline 
“The Killer Refrigerant”, influential German motoring magazine ‘Auto Bild’ describes HFO-1234yf as “Environmentally friendly, but dangerous”.
?  …1234yf  is yet another transitional refrigerant, 350 times less harmful than 134a, but not benign. CO2 or water as refrigerants are ideal as they are benign, and very cheap, it is just that they require more expensive compressors  (titanium, turbos, etc.). They are also said to be more efficient overall (they require higher compression but give even more cooling to more than make up for the extra compression energy used)
[ The bad news for industry, is that CO2 and water are not able to be patented]


R744»⇒  Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump  ⇐«
 and air conditioners use industry-leading technology
Ozone friendly refrigerant
R744 =  (CO2) √

[We have one – very efficient – has stainless steel storage tank.]


With all those ‘F’ & ‘C’ it makes CO2 and water look simple and safe! ]

With the potential to knock out 1% of global greenhouse gases, the world’s automotive manufacturers are being urged to opt for the sustainable solution in “The Cool War” as they make their decision over which new refrigerant to adopt for mobile air conditioning in cars.

mobile A.C. Co2

Aluminum-ion Battery

Leading science journal Nature Communications has
published an article on a “low-cost, highly energy-efficient”
aluminum battery developed by an international research
team led by National Taiwan Normal University
(NTNU) professor Chen Chia-chun (陳家俊),
the university said yesterday.


Sulfuryl fluoride also a greenhouse gas, is about 4000-5000 times more efficient in trapping infrared radiation (per kg) than CO(per kg)
Sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) developed by the
Dow Chemical Company.
Sulfuryl fluoride is marketed as:

contain carbon, chlorine, and fluorine. The manufacture of these compounds has
been phased out by the 
Montreal Protocol, because they contribute to ozone depletionHowever CFCs are still leaking from
old refrigerators in land fill,
and it may be many years before this stops.

Methane lchemical formula CHalso affects the degradation of the ozone layer —
Methane in the Earth’s atmosphere is an important greenhouse gas
with a global warming potential of 25 compared to CO2  [Which is 1 (one)]

Termites 2

See ⇒ HERE   &   HERE



  The environmental impact of aviation occurs because aircraft engines emit heat, noise, particulates, and gases which contribute to climate change and global dimming. Airplanes emit particles and gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, lead, and black carbon which interact among themselves and with the atmosphere.
Despite emission reductions from automobiles and more fuel-efficient and less polluting turbofan and turboprop engines, the rapid growth of air travel in recent years contributes to an increase in total pollution. International aviation emissions have escaped international regulation.
Apart from problems of  lead emissions, aircraft consume huge quantities of oxygen which may be of some concern!


Southern California’s Aliso Canyon
PORTER RANCH METHANE GAS LEAK DISASTER aerial video this week showing the tremendous, continuous release of methane Los Angeles County will continue to live under a state of emergency

Though it seems to be oddly absent from the mainstream media headlines, a massive methane gas leak in Southern California’s Aliso Canyon has read more

This is a good site, but not well informed on fluorides or termites 



     If you go back through time you will notice many
‘Hockey Sticks’
  Click to enlarge  

Ice samples 10K years



Solar flare


     Sun Spots are intense ‘bubbles’- storms of magnetic energy, (or is that plasmalarger than our Earth – (see image at the top of this post). These solar storms come in eleven-year cycles (average) and are recoded in sea coral, ice cores and tree growth rings. These organic records show many climate changes long before our industrial age… The solar cycle length may also be responsible for variation in temperature as well as the number of sunspots, which also can vary in size and number. The affects of pollution by humans and volcanoes will not be immediate and may be delayed for months or years, making it difficult to assign blame… With so much disagreement amongst the ‘experts’ we can only speculate. — Co2 is not evenly distributed in the Earth’s atmosphere, and therefor hard to ascertain percentages up or down. The ‘experts’ disagree amongst themselves, and seem to ignore other events in our solar system…

Other planets in our solar system are
also under going climate change


Natural fluoride- CaF2. found 

Fluorides On The Planet Mars

See more

SBS-12-Planets in the solar system

The solar system 12 planets & three asteroid belts –

according to GA


Images of Mars

More info on Mars 1970!


Volcano m

Seismic activity m

Volcanic activity, earthquakes, rainfall, power grids failures and civil unrest, increase at times of high sunspot activity. The earth and the rest of our solar system has just come through some of the lowest peaks for several thousand years hence the global heating, and droughts. –
91 Volcanos Under The Antarctic Ice.


Volcanic Ash Impacts & Mitigation

More on F. & Volcanoes Argentina ⇒ HERE


Professor Neville Gregory

Toxicity hazards arising from volcanic activity-4



Millions of tones of fluorides, dusts and carbon dioxide are emitted from active volcanoes. The dust emissions circulating in the upper atmosphere reflect heat back into outer space, with a delay time of a few years, so we can expect more rain, earth cooling, and more earthquakes in the near future – not global warming. One year’s volcanic activity of one Indonesian volcano can discharge more carbon into the atmosphere, than we humans have throughout our history.

F. Mexico volcno


     …fluorides are so highly toxic that a single truckload of the industrial waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry, used to fluoridate public drinking water, is sufficient to kill the whole Australian populace outright.
The largest recorded knock down of humans, animals and crops by fluoride was the eruption of Lakagígar in Iceland over an eight-month period between 1783 and 1784, where a mixture of Hydrogen Fluoride and Sulphur Dioxide is estimated to have claimed up to 6 million lives directly or indirectly (through starvation due to loss of livestock and crops) in the Northern Hemisphere …
[Wikipedia 2015]… 
See also ⇓

White Island New Zealand – Volcanic Gases


 Iceland volcano eruption 2021 on YouTube


Enduring Fluoride Health Hazard for
the Vesuvius Area Population:
The Case of AD 79 Herculaneum


Conclusions/Significance: Our observations on morphological, radiological, histological and chemical skeletal and dental features of this ancient population now suggest that in this area fluorosis was already endemic in Roman times. This evidence merged with currently available epidemiologic data reveal for the Vesuvius area population a permanent fluoride health hazard, whose public health and socio-economic impact is currently underestimated. The present guidelines for fluoridated tap water might be reconsidered accordingly, particularly around Mt Vesuvius and in other fluoride hazard areas with high natural fluoride levels.

Complete with references, and illustrations. 

Full text ⇒ pone.0021085

P.S. Italy is not fluoridated.


NEW – Sept. 2016
A promising new way of making high-efficiency
solar cells, using perovskites instead of silicon


Solar Has Big Limitations, 
But This Wonder Material May Change That



     Burning coal, and oil results in pollution of the planet with mercury and a list of other chemical contaminants to stress your dictionary and the alphabet.
Nuclear power is uneconomic if the full cost of mining and the long-term management of waste and the decommissioning of power stations are included, and is therefor NOT carbon neutral. Like fluoridation nuclear power is based on deceit and lies. Nuclear power plants are only possible due to funding of billions of government dollars. War, terrorists, earthquakes, meteors, and management failures, and waste storage for thousands of years makes nuclear power look like grand madness, which cannot be disguises by the most sophisticated scientific language.

Nuclear power primary existence was to supply plutonium for Bomb Manufacture – not cheap electricity.

The human race has reached such a crisis in politics and
science that to survive we must abandon the idea of war’.
– Miles Franklin

In a ‘carbon economy’ the overall nuclear cycle – from mining, transporting and processing uranium ore, to disposing and sevicing of radioactive waste for thousands of years and decommissioning power plants – generates CO2. which could be the same as probably more than from a gas-fired power stations, or a ‘clean coal’ power station. [Solar and wind options are further down this page.] Fast-breeder reactors would result in a plutonium economy with dangerous plutonium toxicity, nuclear weapons implications and global contamination also for thousands of years. – 

(CO2 is not poisonous in fact it is a plant food.)


Russian Abiotic Oil

 May be this is why Vladimir Putin is not popular in the ‘West’ .

Oil is NOT a fossil fuel. This is a theory put forth by 18th century scientists.
Within 50 years, Germany and France’s scientists had attacked the theory of petroleum’s biological roots. In fact, oil is abiotic, not the product of long decayed biological matter. And oil, for better or for worse, is NOT a non-renewable resource. It, like coal, and natural gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth.
This is the real and true science of oil.
Read all about it below.

 -It is renewable-
Thomas Gold

The British scientist, Sir Fred Hoyle FRS said – “The suggestion that petroleum might have arisen from some transformation of squashed fish or biological detritus is surely the silliest notion to have been entertained by substantial numbers of persons over an extended period of time…
‘Big oil’ has a vested interest in pushing the idea that oil is scarce, hard to find, and thus costly to produce—all of which, of course, means increased revenues and profits.


Even if coal, and oil, burning do not influence climate change, these activities need to be reduced and finally stopped due to the pollution they cause. Coal burning can be cleaned up using ‘Scrubbers’.  Steel manufacturing needs high quality ‘coking coal’, also known as metallurgical coal. It is used exclusively as an essential ingredient for steel production. Modern steel plants, include extensive gas treatment and capture to significantly reduce emissions.

The steel that is produced is used in our daily lives in cars, kettles and cookers as well as in the manufacture of wind turbines and nuclear power stations, our alternatives to coal-powered energy!

Clean thermonuclear alternatives may need to be pursued. [Helium3 ?]

The use of atomic power stations, ships and weapons is a continual threat to the health and survival of all life on earth

 Hydrothermal electricity clean and green  ?  a short must watch 
 Radioactive cesium jumps 9,000 percent in just three days  

»⇒ 107,394 Nuclear Workers Were Diagnosed With Cancer ⇐«

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima and
The Perils of Nuclear Power  ?


After Tour of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station,

Wyden Says Situation Worse than Reported

 Until recently, Japan was one of the world leaders in nuclear power, so such a shift is very significant, both culturally and economically. It has been revealed the central government did not let on to the public how damaging some of the possible scenarios may have been. About 10,000 spent fuel rods were being stored in pools of water near the damaged Fukushima reactor, and the government officials didn’t know if those fuel rods were in danger of releasing additional large amounts of radiation.
It took them a long time to check to see if the water levels in the pools were safe or unsafe, “We barely avoided the worst case scenario, though the public didn’t know it at the time,” Mr. Funabashi [said]. 

(Source: ETF Daily)
Read more: ??

Radiation from Fukushima

USA contamination from Fukushimacaptures cesium isotopes 

? Fukushima-Bluefin-Tuna-Cesium 134 ?

Kelvin Kamps on Fukushima ss


The Japanese government announced Friday that it intends to stop using nuclear power by the 2030s. Many say this dramatic shift is the result of public concerns about safety following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which experts have called
the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl  
 Japan Pulls the Plug on Nuclear Power  

 Nuclear experts warn flawed San Onofre plant too dangerous to start back up, but it may be restarted anyway

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented. Barry Commoner 

Richard Broinowski

Richard Broinowski

He is a former Australian diplomat and the brother of Helen Caldicott, the well-known anti-nuclear advocate. Fallout from Fukushima is partly an account of the trip Broinowski took shortly after the earthquake to interview locals, expats, academics and officials in Japan about their experience of the meltdown and their views on the future of nuclear power.


 Source of Fukushima’s nagging radioactive leak
finally discovered:



16 May 2014: – The source of the radioactive leak at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was finally identified by the facility’s operator, TEPCO, to be in the primary containment vessel of reactor 3, authorities reported. In January, the crew of the plant first noticed that water was leaking through to the drain on the first level of the building housing the reactor. Engineers probed the space with a camera and found the water leakage to be near a pipe joint that connects directly to the containment vessel.

Dr. warns 137 Tokyo

Credit: NaturalNews Monday, 21 July 2014 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer Tags: radiationFukushimaTokyo In an essay addressed to his colleagues, Japanese doctor  has explained why he recently moved away from Tokyo to restart his practice in western Japan:
He believes that Tokyo is no longer safe to inhabit due to radioactive contamination caused by the 11 March 2011, meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. ??The essay, titled “Why did I leave Tokyo?” was published in the newsletter of the Association of Doctors in Kodaira, metropolitan Tokyo.? ”Within the 23 districts of Metropolitan Tokyo, contamination in the east part is 1000-4000 Bq/kg [soil] and the west part is 300-1000 Bq/kg,” Dr. Mita wrote…

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Cesium Elim. HERE 

  Major Problems Facing Canada’s Nuclear Sector  


A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 – by Isao Hashimoto
Do not watch before going to bed.




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“Hanford Determines Double-Shell Tank
Leaked Waste From Inner Tank.”

     This headline on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) press release from last October is bigger news than it first appeared. For the first time, the massive storage tanks built to hold some of the most radioactive nuclear waste in the world were found to be slowly leaking.

The United States campaign to build a giant arsenal of nuclear weapons during the Cold War created an environmental disaster at Hanford Site in Washington State. Highly radioactive sludge being leaked threatens to contaminate the region’s water supply.

In February, federal and state officials said six giant underground tanks holding a toxic brew of highly radioactive wastes are leaking at the 570-square-mile Hanford Reservation. The location of this nuclear waste site is right on the Columbia River in South Central Washington State. Dirtiest nuclear waste stored at the Hanford Site

Hanford is known as the dirtiest reactor site in the world.
It has 1,000 inactive dumps, 200 square miles of contaminated ground water, and 50,000 drums of plutonium wastes in temporary storage. For nearly 40 years, Hanford’s eight production reactors made plutonium for hydrogen bombs for the US Military. During that process, contractors dumped plutonium, cesium, technetium, tritium, strontium and other isotopes into the air, soil, and ground water. More astonishingly, they even dumped nuclear waste directly into the Columbia River – the drinking water source for downstream cities.

Hanford has 54 million gallons of the high-level waste liquids and sludge contained in 177 aged and decrepit storage tanks. Back in the 1980s, the DOE disclosed that up to 69 of the million-gallon tanks may be leaking. February’s disclosure makes 75; six are confirmed leaking.

The Human Fallout
In 1990, a DOE analysis of radiation exposures downwind from Hanford found that infants and children were heavily contaminated because of drinking contaminated milk. The Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project found that 13,500 people may have received doses over 33 rads of iodine-131 and that infants and children closest to Hanford could have consumed between 650 and 3,000 rads. A single rad can cause thyroid cancer and other illnesses.
Cancers, miscarriages and other health problems suffered by people in the area were linked to the deliberate spewing of 5,500 curies of radioactive iodine-131 to the atmosphere in a Dec. 3, 1949, experiment called “green run,” and on the offhand dispersal of 340,000 curies in 1945 alone.

Hanford’s latest six leaks are just a microcosm of the radiation leaked from the site which continues to leak deadly nuclear waste to the Columbia River resulting in a plague of cancer and disease that seems to have no end. What is Washington State doing about this? Washington Governor Jay Inslee and the U.S. Department of Energy are each looking for answers from a private company managing the most dangerous radioactive waste at the Hanford Site, where plutonium was made for the U.S. nuclear arsenal.
Inslee has asked his top Hanford adviser to begin inquiries into the situation with the leaking double-shell tank, a spokesperson for his office said.
Inslee said, “We’re going to be reviewing this. We know how diligent I want this state to be of having a zero tolerance policy … on leaking radioactivity. It is the right policy. It is demanding, but it is legally enforceable and we’re going to continue to insist on that policy.”

Inslee added: “We are going to be insistent that our federal partners be open and transparent with us to the extent humanly possible, that we are and will be reviewing what happened in this particular circumstance.”

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Oak Ridge’s Final Judgement – The K-25 Fluoride Disaster




Winters of The World

     Although this book is more concerned with global cooling, it covers many aspects of climate change. We therefore commend it to anyone looking for scientific info on a broad scale, – both in time and space.
?…Even if there is a slight global warming at present, it would be difficult to prove that this is caused by industrial atmospheric pollution.
Global climate is never stable in any case, and short-term oscillations of a few centigrade degrees are probably a perfectly normal feature of our environment. 
Other atmospheric changes have seriously been considered as factors in the waxing and waning of the world’s ice cover. The ozone composition of the upper atmosphere is thought to be affected by solar flares and also by industrial pollution, [fluorides] but it is not certain how much global cooling and warming can be accounted for by changes in the ozone layer. Volcanic eruption may also affect the climate, especially if there are many large-scale eruptions over a short space of time which add volcanic dust [and fluorides] to the atmosphere. However, it is now thought that the effects of volcanic eruptions are short-lived, and it has been demonstrated that volcanic dust seldom remains in suspension in the atmosphere for more than seven years after an eruption… ?



1)   Variations in the Earth’s core – alterations in the output of heat from
radioactive materials [natural] inside the Earth.

2)   Alterations in the direction and strength of the convection currents
which may exist within the Earth’s mantle. – geothermal heat flux.

3)   Frequency of reversals of the Earth’s magnetic fields.
(Over 80 in the last 2,000 million years.)

—  SOLAR  —

4)   Our sun is a slightly variable star.
Its energy is output is not a constant. – Opic.

5)   There may be a ‘flickering’- on a timescale of the order of 250-300 million years.

6)   Many periodicities have been recognized or assumed, ranging from millions of years? to less than a year.

7)   Solar emission cycles with periods of between 200,00 and 400,000 years have received particular attention.

8)   Sunspot cycles. [11 year average]

9)   Precession of the equinoxes: 21,000 – 25,000 years

10)  The obliquity of the Earth’s orbit: c. 41,000 years

11)  The eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit: 90,000 – 100,000 years


12)  The Solar System moves up and down through the galactic plane.

13)  The effects of interstellar dust veils.

14)  Solar winds from other stars.

15)  Changes in spin-rate of the Earth.

? Each of these factors might lead independently to small coolings and warmings of the global climate, but substantial climatic changes such as those involved in the initiation of an ice age can probably not occur until three factors are ‘favourable’ phased at the same time…?

—⇒ The Little Ice Age in West Antarctica ⇐—

It synchronous with the Little Ice Age in the Northern Hemisphere
“probably caused by a change in solar and volcanic forcing”… 


Orsi, A.J., Cornuelle, B.D. and Severinghaus J.P. 2012.
Little Ice Age cold interval in West Antarctica:
Evidence from borehole temperature at
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide.
Geophysical Research Letters 39: 10.1029/2012GL051260.

 The Earth may be expanding  

The Solar System is not stable.


The Earth Has A Natural Thermostat


image Heidelberg Appeal


Climate Change Awards


Co2 Science



B smokerHydrothermal vents exist at the ocean floor, 2100m (7000ft)
below the surface.
 They exist in many oceans around the
world, especially in the Pacific and Atlantic. 

    Hydrothermal electricity clean and green    a short must watch

image of Marshall Hydrothemel f


– Helium-3 –

China, India and Russia are also space nations. China is planning to mine Helium-3 on the moon, where it is plentiful, for a future fusion economy. Fusion power (not radioactive) based on Helium-3 will give us all clean energy for thousands of years.

[ Provided no one else is there first ! ] The MOON – Not ours?


 ~ Thorium Reactors ~


Thorium reactors  COULD  be a safer alternative than uranium, but this would not suit the military – (no bomb material) or the uranium industry, as it would give more nations access, to power, as thorium is more ubiquitous than uranium.  Both India and China are researching this now. (Australia has the largest known deposits of  Thorium in the world.)
More info on Thorium reactors ›⇒  HERE



– Wind


Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear power.

A surprising aerodynamic innovation in wind turbine design called the ‘wind lens’ could triple the output of a typical wind turbine, making it less costly than nuclear power.

NOTE: Some major wind projects like the proposed

 TWE Carbon Valley project in Wyoming are already pricing in significantly lower than coal power – $80 per MWh for wind versus $90 per MWh for coal – and that is without government subsidies using today’s wind turbine technology.


Vertical-axis wind turbines potential sources of cheaper
electricity in urban & suburban areas, researchers discover.


Care logo

New wind turbine m

 New Wind Turbine Makes Very Little Noise


DC wind turbines offer greater efficiency.

~  NEW SOLAR CELLS + D C Wind Turbines  ~

The new efficient solar cells that respond to none visible light, (still work on cloudy days), optical double sided cells, DC wind turbines that can operate at any wind speed and do not require a gearbox. Peaking power plants and base load hydro-power from stored water pumped up behind dams by wind turbines, at off peak times, offer some cleaner options until we progress further with cold or hot fusion (helium 3), conversion of water into hydrogen, or the harnessing neutrinos, or whatever scientists discover in the future…

 ‘The Blue Economy’ as per Gunter Pauli,

is offering  many other innovations of great merit. 

  Gunter Pauli 



Japan’s recent tragic nuclear experience may stimulate some new developments worldwide. However industrial corruption, electronic sabotage and debt banking in the USA will hinder these technical developments there and, its support for Israel with its endless Middle East wars will bleed the USA white, financially, thus reducing its research and development potential.

The myth of global warming, driven by massive well-financed media-protected propaganda, has persuaded many politicians and centers of learning that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a problem. But, as explained above, however –

It ain’t necessarily so’.


The Theory of COand Global Warming
May Be Seriously Flawed – Fluoride Pollution, Aircraft,

 Weather Modification ,

And External Cosmic Forces Are More Likely Explanations
“Global Dimming” … inhibition of photosynthesis and agricultural production.



Maybe that is why 31,487 scientists, including 9,029
with PhDs, reject man-made global 
by carbon dioxide.

See also the book ‘Heaven + Earth’ by Professor Ian Plimer


“I don’t pretend to understand the Universe —
it’s a great deal bigger than I am.”
Carlyle – in his Old Age


CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed


1)  Don’t build or live close to fault lines, volcanoes, on steep slopes, or close to water, wharves being the exception.

2)  Manage all human activities as sustainably as possible:
…..Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Food, and Clean Fire (scrubbers on chimneys)

3)  Stop weather modification  and ⇒ GeoEngineering 

Voltaire –
 It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. ”                         


More information is also available:

from  http://www.nipccreport.org/index.html

To receive weekly summaries of this new material posted on the NIPCC
(Non Governmental International Panel On Climate Change)
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Postal Address:

NIPCC Project?Center for the Study of? Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
?P.O. Box 25697? Tempe, AZ 85285-5697?USANIPCC_contact “at” nipccreport.org


The Australian “Carbon Tax” will WAS TO be paid in-part to the
United Nations World Government not by choice, – but by law.

In February 2011 Paul Murray from the ‘West Australian’ reported that:

‘Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s [proposed] new tax will be used to allow Australia to meet its share of a $100 billion-a-year United Nations fund to transfer wealth from rich countries to help undeveloped nations adapt to global warming. The Gillard Government is party to a UN agreement which Climate Change Minister Greg Combet entered into in December at a meeting in Cancun, Mexico, under which about 10 per cent of carbon taxes in developed nations will go into a Green Climate Fund.

? … They [Australians] do not want a carbon tax, not because they do not care about the environment but because they know that it will do nothing for the environment. They know that it will not lower global temperatures one jot or tittle. We absolutely know that and no-one has ever disputed it. They also know that billions of their dollars are going to be sent offshore to unaccountable regimes or organisations. You are going to see it go to an international United Nations fund and you are also going to have to buy permits from nations which have a less than rigorous reputation for financial transparency and honesty. –
These are things that concern us all.

[ How much carbon dioxide was created in the
recent Australian bushfires ??? ]

CorybBernardi m

 Cory Bernardi – Australia Conservatives
 He makes no mention of other atmospheric pollutants,
– still he has got it right so far! 

Marine snow


…Because of the relatively long residence time of the ocean’s thermohaline circulation, carbon transported as marine snow into the deep ocean by the biological pump can remain out of contact with the atmosphere for more than 1000 years. That is, when the marine snow is finally decomposed to inorganic nutrients and dissolved carbon dioxide, these are effectively isolated from the surface ocean for relatively long time-scales related to oceancirculation. Consequently, enhancing the quantity of marine snow that reaches the deep ocean is the basis of several geoengineering schemes to enhance carbon sequestration by the ocean. Ocean nourishment and iron fertilisation seek to boost the production of organic material in the surface ocean, with a concomitant rise in marine snow reaching the deep ocean. As of yet, these efforts have not produced a sustainable fertilization that effectively transports carbon out of the system…

       Credit Wikipedia

… The small percentage of material not consumed in shallower waters becomes incorporated into the muddy “ooze” blanketing the ocean floor, where it is further decomposed through biological activity.  About three-quarters of the deep ocean floor is covered in this thick, smooth ooze.  The ooze collects as much as six meters (20 feet) every million years.  It is usually 289 meters (948 feet) thick, – but can be up to nearly 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) thick…
           Credit NOAA – Wow, that IS a lot of carbon ! 


The Galileo Movement (non-profit)
www.galileomovement.com.auGAL MOV C

Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met. Office
report quietly released… 
and here is the chart to prove it:

  • The figures reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012
    there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures

  • This means that the ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about
    the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996

By David Rose

PUBLISHED: 21:42 GMT, 13 October 2012 |
UPDATED: 13:59 GMT, 16 October 2012

The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.

This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996.
Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years.

A quick trip to the Moon – as a diversion:

Many experts were shocked by the 2009 discovery of water on the moon,
which was long thought to be bone-dry.

These images show a very young lunar crater on the side of the moon that faces away from Earth, as viewed by NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper on the Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft. On the left is an image showing brightness at shorter infrared wavelengths. On the right, the distribution of water-rich minerals (light blue) is shown around a small crater. Both water- and hydroxyl-rich materials were found to be associated with material ejected from the crater.

See page 205 – ‘Inside The Space Ships’ by George Adamsky [1953] – regarding water on the Moon.


Try not to get too hot under the collar
about global warming!

See also ⇒ The Electric Universe