To qualify as a valuable medical intervention a vaccination should be safe, effective and necessary.  This summary will examine recent insights into the makeup and activity of the mRNA lipid nanoparticle vaccinations.  Like no other medical intervention in history, this push for vaccination is global in its reach and the time interval between the emergence of a disease and the provision of a putative vaccine is unprecedented for its brevity.  Further, the manipulation of data and censorship of dissenting voices has reached a level not seen with any other medical intervention…


The last two years have seen unprecedented activity by governments of all stripes and private corporations to limit debate and establish a single paradigm that brooks no other.  Senior medicos are censored or censured for voicing concern and new laws are being constantly introduced, generally not bolstered by any credible research.  Political agendas and greed appears to be trumping (no pun intended) rational investigation, while full and open debate, the hallmark of a rational society, is smothered under a welter of media propaganda.  – Dr Andrew Katelaris