Fluorine, being the strongest in the group
of halogens, will seriously interfere
with iodine.  Fluoridation delays
the eruption of teeth because
of its
hypothyroid effect…

~  A baby without iodine will
be mentally retarded.  ~


The thyroid gland uses tyrosine and the
natural element iodine to 
make thyroxine (T4),
a thyroid hormone containing four iodine atoms. 

    The other, much more biologically active thyroid hormone is tri-iodothyronine (T3), which has three iodine atoms. Lack of dietary iodine has long been identified as the problem in diminished thyroid hormone synthesis. According to the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders:

“Iodine deficiency has been called the world’s
major cause of preventable mental retardation

Its severity can vary from mild intellectual blunting to frank cretinism, a condition that includes gross mental retardation, deaf mutism, short stature, and various other defects… The damage to the developing brain results in individuals poorly equipped to fight disease, learn, work effectively, or reproduce satisfactorily. “This crucial role of iodine is another reason why the thyroid gland is especially vulnerable today. Canadian researcher Andreas Schuld has documented more than 100 studies during the last 70 years that demonstrate adverse effects of fluoride on the thyroid gland.  Schuld says:Fluorine, being the strongest in the group of halogens, will seriously interfere with iodine and iodine synthesis, forcing more urinary elimination of ingested iodine as fluoride ingestion or absorption increases.
       by John MacArthur
                        Through the Weston A. Price Foundation 



Stop the thyroid madness

Jorge Flechas – Iodine Deficiency & Cancer

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Iodine Awareness Week –
Antimicrobial Resistance Emergency


Iodine deficiency is therefore due to many causes, including insufficient dietary intake, 5-9 lack of adequate nutritional co-factors, and the ubiquitous presence of inhibitors of iodine transport and utilisation such as thiocyanate, perchlorate, bromide, and fluorides…


1) In China, entire villages are being relocated due to fluoride contamination.


2) Fluorides are acknowledged as the cause of thyroid cancer, Kaschin-Beck disease and iodine deficiency.


3) It has been known since the 1930s that the thyroid hormones control tooth eruption.
Fluoridation delays the eruption of teeth because of its hypothyroid effect.


4) Dental fluorosis is a sign of thyroid dysfunction.
Any anti-thyroid substance administered during the time of enamel formation will produce the effects seen in dental fluorosis.


This delayed eruption explains the APPARENT   improvement in tooth decay in young children.


In 1854 the French chemist Edme-Jules Maumené
first linked
 goitre – a thyroid condition –
in dogs exposed to fluoride.


Newsweek 24 Feb.2015

 Water fluoridation in England linked to higher
rates of under-active thyroid


Plants and Foods Containing Fluorine –
Dr. Olree

Hypothyroidism Fluoride and Iodine


The American Thyroid Association recommends women
who are pregnant, planning pregnancy or lactating should
take 150 mcg of iodine.
 – Ideally, iodine supplementation
should start 3 months prior to pregnancy


Mild to moderately LOW levels of iodine in early pregnancy
may be associated with lower verbal IQ in children


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Editor’s comment on the
fluorine / iodine information above:

This is universal, probably throughout time and most likely throughout
the cosmos. We realise that some dentists will see this as another
threat to their constant claims of fluoridation’s safety, but
to claim otherwise is to fly in the face of true science.
See also this  Periodic Table of the Elements

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[ The photo above is from Mars where NASA
found calcium fluoride in the soil. ]