Fluoride and Zebrafish – (Danio rerio) + Salmon

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Zebra fish are freshwater fish belonging to the minnow
family of the order Cypriniformes – Native to South Asia.

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Zebra fish – Danio rerio, are gaining popularity in basic behavioural brain research, behaviour genetics, and in translational studies because they offer a cheap and efficient alternative to rodents and guinea pigs.

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Item – A

Fluoride caused thyroid endocrine disruption in male Zebrafish 

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Item – B

Fluoride affects Zebrafish behaviour and alters mRNA 

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Item – C

Zebra Fish as a Model for Assessing Environmental Toxicology:
Expression of Antioxidant Biomarker Genes 

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Item – D

The researchers placed Zebra fish embryos in dishes
containing fluoxetine, which is sold under the
brand name ‘Prozac’, for six days…

Biologists at the University of Ottawa have discovered exposing
fish embryos to Prozac affected the aquatic creatures’ ability
to manage stress for generations, prompting a call for
further research into the lasting effects of this
anti-depressants on humans.

CBC News · 

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This may be a cause for concern given the high
prescription rates of fluoxetine to pregnant women.

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…Excessive fluoride in natural water ecosystem has the
potential to detrimentally affect thyroid endocrine
system, but little is known of such effects or
underlying mechanisms in fish…

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…Indeed, salmon are unaffected by natural
1 ppm fluoride in ocean water where calcium
is extremely high but are narcotized by industrial
fluoride in soft water at only 0.3 ppm (Damkaer & Dey)


Millions of Salmon have instinctively know this for
thousands of years, that is why they go to so
much trouble to swim up rivers to lay
their eggs – in fluoride free water.

[Sea water contains fluoride.]

University of Oregon – Professor Paul Engelking 

Professor Paul Engelking says fish and fluoride don’t mix.

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‘Fluoridation And The Environment’


Howard Jay Patterson M.E.M

Published 11 April 2013

A little slow to start, but please stay with it ! 

The science on fluoridation:
its effect on salmon and the environment, efficacy

for dental health, and safety for human consumption.

This professional video explains a lot!