1080 is still used in Australia, Israel,
Japan, Korea, Mexico, and New Zealand. 

It is banned in most countries, including the
US, where it was outlawed in the early
1970s because of civilian deaths.
“Weapon of mass destruction”


Sodium fluoroacetate is toxic to all obligate aerobic
and highly toxic to mammals & insects
insects. The oral dose of sodium fluoroacetate
sufficient to be lethal to humans is 2–10 mg/kg

1080 Qld.Ag.f.
1080 is an odourless, colourless and tasteless poison.
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In dogs, the signs of 1080 poisonings are usually noticeable within half an hour of ingestion, but can take more than six hours to show. Symptoms include vomiting, anxiety, disorientation, and shaking.

These quickly develop into frenzied behaviour with running and screaming fits, drooling, uncontrolled paddling, and seizures, followed by total collapse and death… 

This agony may go on for up to 48 hours.
The use of dog muzzles is the best means of
preventing dogs from being poisoned.

This will prevent them from scavenging
carcases, baits or toxic vomit.

‘FRONTLINE’ for fleas, on pets contains Fipronil (fluoride)



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Some 40 plant species in Australia naturally produce
fluoroacetate as a chemically-mediated defence
strategy against being eaten. Most of these
plants occur in Western Australia.
See ⇒ Gastrolobium

 1080 and Birds 


However, the same type of research has been performed on dogs, with the results being quite different. i.e. Research reports (based on the studies by Biester et. al.) showed that the addition of fluoride to the water supply for canines caused mottling of the tooth enamel during the period of calcification of the permanent teeth [Same as humans].
Even trace amounts that were less than the .045 to 4.5 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, comparable with the quantity found in tap water, caused mottling of the tooth enamel. More research studies (i.e. those conducted by Andreeva) reported findings that the addition of fluoride at 20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight daily for 92 days to the diet of month-old pups altered serum calcium and inorganic and organic phosphorus concentrations significantly. There are many other reports showing drinking water that contains fluoride can cause many nutritionally related problems for dogs.

When bottled water first came to market it was hard to find one that contained fluoride. Fortunately for human children, but unfortunately for our pets, this is changing. The reason I buy bottled water is based on the requirements of the animal that will be consuming it. The only member of my household that drinks bottled water is my dog. The humans in my house drink fluoridated tap water. It is my hope that some of the bottled water companies will continue to provide a water supply that is nutritionally correct for the members of my home who have different nutritional requirements than my human children.
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THE SUN-HERALD  28 May 1989