The death of  the Russian former KGB (FSB) agent
Alexander Litvinenko has been linked to the
presence of a ‘major dose’ of radioactive
Polonium-210 in his coffee.

¿ Polonium is NOT subject to IAEA safeguards ?

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alpha form -polonium

The two decay products of uranium:
RADON-222  considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer
POLONIUM-210 are dangerous and carcinogenic. 
The health risks are enormous, including:
bone cancer, internal organs destruction, brain damage and more.
Tobacco companies for 40 years have been concerned about
the public relationsand litigation problems posed by it.

 ✹ Polonium-210 emits so many alpha particles each second
           that the energy released from one gram is 140 watts…


 Polunium-210 is soluble and is circulated through the body to every tissue and cell. The proof is that it can be found in the blood and urine of smokers!


The circulating Polonium-210 ⇐ 165 references here ] causes genetic damage and early death from diseases reminiscent of early radiological pioneers:
liver and bladder cancer, stomach ulcer, leukemia, cirrhosis of the liver, and cardiovascular diseases.
The Surgeon General C. Everett Koop MD (USPHS) stated that radioactivity, rather than tar, accounts for at least 90% of all smoking-related lung cancers. –
The Center for Disease Control stated
“Americans are exposed to far more
radiation from tobacco smoke than from any 
other source.”

As little as 0.03 microcuries (6.8 trillionths of a gram)
of polonium-210 can be carcinogenic to humans.

Litinvenko p 210 mAlexander Litvinenko

The Death Of  The Russian Former KGB (FSB) agent Alexander Litvinenko has been linked to the presence of a ‘major dose’ of radioactive Polonium-210 in his coffee. Traces of the radioactive substance were discovered at various locations in London visited by Mr. Litvinenko as well as in Russia and on two British Airways (BA) flights. His body was buried in a lead lined coffin. – Dec. 2006


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Yasser Arafat m

          24 August 1929 – 11 November 2004             ‎

By Adrian Blomfield,
Middle East Correspondent,  03 Jul 2012
Tests performed by a laboratory in Switzerland found significant traces of  Polonium-210 on the late Palestinian leader’s clothes, adding a new twist to a case that has obsessed the Arab world for years.
Polonium-210 is the same substance used to poison the Russian dissident Alexader Litvinenko in London. The claims are likely to renew long-held Palestinian suspicions that the Israeli spy agency Mossad assassinated Arafat, who died in a Paris hospital in November, 2004.
The Institute de Radiophysique in Lausanne found elevated levels of the element on Arafat’s personal effects. A urine stain in his underwear registered a level of 180 millibecquerels of Polonium-210, more than 20 times the dose to kill an average human being. “I can confirm to you that we measured an unexplained, elevated amount of unsupported Polonium-210 in the belongings of Mr Arafat that contained stains of biological fluids,” Dr Francois Bochod, the director of the institute, told
Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab television station.



“Polonium 210 cancels out tellurium and selenium.
The number one reason for lung cancer is ‘polonium
210′ toxicity caused by selenium deficiency. The number
two reason for lung cancer is the noble gas radon 222.”
Iodine must have the mineral selenium to make the
thyroid work properly.

Minerals for the Genetic Code  by  Dr. Richard Olree  


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  polonium-210 in cigarettes.  Puff  by puff,
the poison Polonium-210, 
builds up to the equivalent
radiation dosage of 300 chest x-rays a year for a person
who smokes one and a half packs a day.
The presence of polonium in tobacco smoke has been
known since the early 1960s. Some of the world’s biggest
tobacco firms researched ways to remove the substance to no
avail over a 40-year period, but have never published the results.

A 2011 report from Nicotine and Tobacco Research
 also revealed there are internal documents stating that the tobacco industry have recognized the danger brought by these radioactive chemicals. According to these papers, acid wash was found to be an effective solution in removing polonium-210 from the tobacco leaves, but the industry avoided
using it as it would lessen the pleasurable effect of nicotine to smokers.


? F.+ P. drinking water ss

     Uranium and Radium are two known carcinogens found in fluorosilicic acid used for water fluoridation, and Polonium-210 is one of two decay products of Uranium… Furthermore, Polonium decays into stable Lead-206, which also has significant health risks—especially in children—and research has indeed shown that drinking fluoridated water increases lead absorption in our body. 


Factsheets & FAQs 

 Polonium 210

Po-210 can enter the body through
eating and drinking of contaminated food,
breathing contaminated air or through a wound.