Patent pending with full documentation on file
with the U.S.
 Patent and Trademark Office.

Based entirely on G.R.A.S.
already recognized by the FDA as safe


Cesium Elim.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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     If you’ve read Natural News for very long, you already know we don’t joke around about making history with industry-shaking breakthroughs and discoveries. (See some of our scientific findings published at Labs.NaturalNews.com for examples.)
Today I’m announcing one of the most innovative breakthroughs in the history of nutritional supplements, and we are opening our affiliate program to a limited number of affiliates who want to share the good news about these supplements while earning a generous commission for helping protect lives.

 After many months of intense research in the atomic spectroscopy laboratory, working with cesium isotopes that include Cesium-137, we are now announcing the world’s first dietary supplement that captures cesium isotopes, supporting natural elimination of cesium-137, cesium-135 and cesium-134 from the gastrointestinal tract.*

This emergency-use supplement, called “Cesium Eliminator, Formula 137” is:

* Confirmed 95.44% effective at capturing cesium isotopes during in vitro laboratory testing, across a broad range of concentrations from 0 – 91 ppm. (See charts.)

* Double laboratory verified via ICP-MS atomic spectroscopy instrumentation at two independently-operated laboratories.

* Patent pending with full documentation on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

* Based entirely on G.R.A.S. ingredients already recognized by the FDA as safe.

* Manufactured in the USA at a GMP-compliant facility regulated by the FDA.

* Available in both powder and capsule formats.

See full details of Cesium Eliminator, including its laboratory-verified binding efficacy, FAQs, ingredients and more at: www.CesiumEliminator.com

Affiliate program payouts and requirements
The Natural News affiliate program pays:

* 17% on sales on Cesium Eliminator

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(Please have patience with our affiliate approval process, which may require 1 – 2 weeks to complete, given the very high number of people we anticipate signing up as affiliates.)

The world’s first cesium-capturing dietary supplement

Cesium Eliminator, Formula 137, is the world’s first dietary supplement that’s scientifically proven to bind with and capture cesium isotopes.*

 Why cesium? Because Cesium-137 is the single most destructive radioisotope that threatens life following:

 – A nuclear accident
– An act of nuclear terrorism
– An act of nuclear war

 In all three scenarios, cesium-137 is the most devastating, long-term radioactive contaminant that threatens water supplies, food supplies and human populations. Cesium-137 has a 30-year half-life and persists in soils for 200 – 300 years, rendering those soils unusable for agriculture.

 About Cesium-137, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says:

Exposure to Cs-137 can increase the risk for cancer because of exposure to high-energy gamma radiation. Internal exposure to Cs-137, through ingestion or inhalation, allows the radioactive material to be distributed in the soft tissues, especially muscle tissue, exposing these tissues to the beta particles and gamma radiation and increasing cancer risk.

And here’s what the EPA says about Cesium-137:

Cesium-137 that is dispersed in the environment, like that from atmospheric testing, is impossible to avoid… People may ingest cesium-137 with food and water, or may inhale it as dust. Like all radionuclides, exposure to radiation from cesium-137 results in increased risk of cancer.

Cesium-137 is deadly, and that’s why this breakthrough product, Cesium Eliminator Formula 137, can be such a lifesaver in emergency situations. The perfect preparedness companion with potassium iodide or nascent iodine

Many people have stockpiled iodine sources for strategic protection against radioisotopes of iodine such as Iodine-131. Nascent iodine protects the thyroid from radioactive iodine isotopes.

While nascent iodine (or potassium iodide) is a wise choice for preparedness against radiological disasters, it’s only a half-measure because it offers zero protection from radioactive cesium-137 fallout.

Cesium-137 fallout quickly contaminates open water sources such as rivers, streams and lakes. When those sources are used as public water supplies, the home tap becomes irradiated with cesium-137. Drinking radioactive water can be fatal.

Cesium Eliminator offers the best binding with cesium isotopes, providing a layer of defense that iodine-based products simply can’t address.* That’s why the well prepared are going to want to add Cesium Eliminator to their preparedness gear, possibly right alongside nascent iodine. (The two products should not be consumed simultaneously, however, because iodine can reduce Cesium Eliminator effectiveness. See CesiumEliminator.com for full details.)

Anyone in the business of preparedness, survival, “prepping” or public safety will want to consider becoming an affiliate for this innovative, breakthrough product. It begins shipping next week.

Natural News donating Cesium Eliminator to emergency response organisations Immediately following product launch, we are initiating a large-scale donation campaign to donate Cesium Eliminator to emergency response organizations across the United States. These include veterans groups, local Red Cross offices, sheriff’s offices and local hospitals.

 The official donation announcement will be launched in just a few days, providing a contact point where members of these organizations can request such donations.

 My aim is to get this product into as many people’s hands as possible, to help prepare them against nuclear accidents, nuclear war or nuclear terrorism.

 You can help us in this mission — and earn a healthy affiliate commission at the same time — by joining our affiliate program and placing banners or text links on your own websites or blogs.

 Help pioneer the launch of the world’s first cesium-capturing dietary supplement

With the launch of Cesium Eliminator, we are making history together! You can join in that history by helping spread the word (and earning an affiliate commission in the process).

 Believe me when I tell you that Cesium Eliminator will be impossible to get during the next nuclear accident or disaster. Those who want to be protected from radioactive cesium-137 in water or food will be highly motivated to stock up now while the supply is available.

 This is a product that can literally help change the course of human history by giving victims of nuclear disasters a powerful, scientifically-validated tool to protect their safety and help defend their lives. You can be part of this effort to help save lives and deploy a lab-validated dietary supplement that can literally help protect lives in an emergency.

 Warnings and emergency medicine notes

Cesium Eliminator is NOT a replacement for urgent medical care. It is not a treatment for radiation poisoning. Anyone suffering from acute radiation poisoning should seek immediate, urgent hospital care. No dietary supplement blocks radiation (due to the laws of physics). Cesium Eliminator is for emergency use only and is NOT a vitamin or mineral supplement, nor a daily multivitamin.
See www.CesiumEliminator.com for full FAQs, notes and warnings.
Use only as directed.

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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