The patient, who becomes even sicker
now, is ridiculed as a hypochondriac.
Only the patient that looks for information
himself has a chance of becoming well again. 

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It was in the year 1840 that amalgam was first outlawed in the USA. Over a period of 15 years, any dentist using amalgam was expelled from the professional association. 
Since then a desperate battle of the amalgam victims against the profiteers has raged. 
Until we proved with the chewing-gum test, that amalgam poisons the saliva, the official statement was that the toxic metals mercury, tin, copper and silver are not released from amalgam fillings, which were said to be stable. 
Mercury in amalgam fillings is like a time bomb: the unsuspecting think that the danger will stay in its shell. Until we were able to prove the organ deposits through DMPS-testing, it was claimed that almost all the toxins are excreted, and that the intake of poison was far below any tolerance limits. Health improvements in our patients were dismissed as “psychological”. In spite of 25 publications proving the oppositet 60 “specialists” claimed at the amalgam hearing in Munchen on 15th Sept.1989, that inorganic mercury is not changed into organic mercury in the organism. As of today, all has been clearly rectified, and the global poisoning of the population is now inspired only by the claim that this is the cheapest repair method. This, although it is known worldwide, that because of the high medical follow-up costs, the use of amalgam turns out to be the most expensive dental repair method by far. Globally, the ratio of multiple sclerosis cases correlates exactly with the amount of mercury used by dentists. Without amalgam, MS would be unknown. The mother’s amalgam determines the development of the disease (Feer-syndrome). 
The mercury content in sweetwater fish also correlates with the amount of mercury used by dentists. The more amalgam is used, the higher the toxic intake through our food. 
Eminent warnings against mercury are not new: In 1874 J. Payne, a dentist, wrote in the Chicago Medical Journal: ” There are 12,000 dentists in the USA who are wholesale dealers of this poisoning (by amalgam), and I request the cooperation of the National Medical Association as guardian of the public health, to aid in having Congress pass a law to the effect, that whoever installs in teeth a substance that will cause damage to humans, is punishable by jail.” (not the original text, G.S.) 
Prof. STOCK, then director of the Max-Planck-Institute and professor of chemistry, learned as early as 1910, from the greatest clinical toxico-logist in Germany, Prof. LEWIN, that he would be cured of his Feer syndrome – disorders in the central nervous system caused by liquid mercury vapors at his workplace – only if he had his amalgam fillings removed. 

After their removal, Stock felt like a new man and tried to prevent all dentists from continuing to poison their patients. The dentists tried to delay the prohibition of amalgam. They founded an institute in Berlin to investigate Stock’s claims. After 1O years, this institute declared that Stock’s warnings “of the worst sins against mankind through amalgam” were correct, and that “amalgam should be avoided at once as soon as an alternative is found”. Since then, the culprits pretend to be deaf. 
Alternative materials were known at the time: gold for the rich, mineral cements for the poor, but this knowledge became obscure under Hitler’s laws, which demanded exclusive use of amalgam. As a result, it was used without protest for filling cavities and even as denture modelling material. Mercury was in unlimited supply, being a byproduct of the arms-producing chloric chemistry. 
In the 196O’s the dentists argued as if Stock had never existed. 
It is really unforgiveable, that sick patients are deliberately kept ignorant about the necessity of a thorough removal of amalgam and gold in cases of diseases of affluence caused by autoimmune disorders (allergies), and that other allergens must not be used in their stead. 
In the country of origin of the chemical industry, Germany, amalgam poisoning is unrecognized officially – ‘persona, non grata’. Patients are regarded as mentally ill and the helpers as enemies of the establishment. Since no one knows about their toxic effects, dentists use the absolutely contraindicated antagonists palladium or platinum in replacing the fillings. The patient, who becomes even sicker now, is ridiculed as a hypochondriac.
Only the patient that looks for information himself has a chance of becoming well again. 

Because the components of amalgam are accumulated under the dental roots and cause harmful bacteria and fungi to grow there, the result is always a loss of teeth and damage to organs and/or the nerves related to this particular inflammation focus. This is very bitter for the patients and difficult to understand. 
The effects of the poisoning, for example the inflammations under the teeth, determine the diseases, not the amount of fillings in your mouth. 
Amalgam, once put in, has lifelong effects – even after removal; it is the most common cause of death. The person that understands what amalgam is and what it does, will never permit a depot of poison to be installed in his organism. 

The history of amalgam shows that only the intelligent, well-informed 
patients stand a chance of being protected from poisoning, or being saved. 
This text is based on experience with more than 20,000 patients. [we are not sure of this translation] 
Clinical Toxicology 
Clinical toxicology is the pivotal point of medicine; it is the doctrine concerning life under known, disease-causing conditions. 
Ignorant people consider clinical toxicology to be quackery. 
The author qualified for university lecturing, as clinical toxicologist, at the Technical University Munchen and draws his knowledge from more than 25 years of experience as emergency doctor for the fire brigade, in helicopter rescue and as emergency doctor for toxicology in private practice, as senior physician of a large toxicological department of the university and from international service at sites of poisoning catastrophes (Seveso, Italy and Bhopal, India) for the German government. He has been witness to more than 12O.OOO serious cases of poisoning, among them over 5.OOO fatalities. 
It is only when we see the physician stand helpless in front of the ^^ patient at the end of a long history of poisoning that we understand, how important prophylaxis is, which we can learn from clinical toxicology- 
Since the ratio of victims of chronic poisoning to acute poisoning is about 100,000 to one, only the knowledge about chronic poisoning – and especially about environmental toxins – is relevant to humankind. Only improvement of symptoms after complete removal of toxins can prove a case of chronic poisoning. 
Since our jawbones assimilate mostly those toxins that are inhaled through the nose, the toxicologist deals not only with the effects of car emissions, home toxins and pesticides, but also with the dental repair materials that the jawbones assimilate. 
It remains incomprehensible for a clinical toxicologist, how one can [put] several grams of highly toxic, liquid mercury into people’s teeth, and then declare as final proof for its harmlessness, that the removal of amalgam (which is incomplete without antitoxins) will not restore the health of patients with mercury symptoms – even though this is impossible with any dangerous poison: there is always a likelyhood of permanent organ damage through toxins. 
Modern clinical toxicology possesses all the means for proving the toxin, its action and effects. In particular, the proof of the genesis of auto-immune diseases as a result of amalgam gives evidence of the causal connection of amalgam to “diseases of affluence ” •

Patients afflicted with auto-immune disorders are, apart from the newborn children of amalgam carrying mothers, the most deplorable victims of amalgam – in most cases they can achieve substantial health improvement only by sacrificing all of their teeth. 
Doctors are not trained to recognize and treat an amalgam poisoning
Exact knowledge about the acute poisoning is the prerequisite for understanding the chronic effects of a poison, which has a completely different character: for example, acute alcohol intoxication induces unconsciousness while chronic alcoholism induces states of excitation. Acute nicotine intoxication is stimulating while a chronic effect can be infarction. 
Generally, chronic is confused with acute poisoning. This is just as wrong as trying to explain a smoker’s diseases after decades with the acute effects of nicotine. 
The non-existent training for treatment of poisonig prohibits all use of toxins . 
1.2____Amalgam Poisoning – Definition 
Amalgam poisoning is a chronic poisoning, where acute blood or urine readings are mostly normal. 
The mechanism of chronic amalgam poisoning combines a poisoning with a genetically fixed attack on more than 60 relay points of sulphur in the acetyl coenzyme A – sulfhydril group and with an allergy against the assimilated poison, which, after decades, causes auto-immune diseases . 
The poisoning end blockade of the sulfhydril group cause the disorders in the nervous system; immune system symptoms are caused by the allergy and auto-immune disease in its wake. 
This allergic reaction turns against the organism’s own, individual organs and destroys them, if the causes are not eliminated completely and in time. Allergic reactions run according to the law of all-or-nothing, and not according to any limit values, this is why the battle of the therapists and patients to try and remove all toxins at their source and from their depots in the body is often a desperate one. It can succeed only if all causes and effects are identified and removed by specialists, often requiring much technical effort. 
Many children are already born with an amalgam allergy and autoimmune disease, caused by the amalgam received from the mother via the placenta or the milk. Child amalgam poisoning is the tragic root of the amalgam problem, especially because so far we have not found one person in Germany without this “inheritance”. 
Not only financial questions are of importance here, but also, especially the problem of releasing the toxins from their body deposits, which can pose a potentially deadly risk for patients with allergy and autoimmune disorder. It is also not so that there are an unlimited number of specialists around for everyone of these problem cases. 
Dental amalgam, like gold, is also the cause for many modern diseases like cardiac infarction, stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, rheumatism and cancer. 
In official language a poisoning is called a “stress factor”. 
Genuine cause removal is purely a matter of luck. 

1.3 Caries 
Caries is a metabolic disease with an immunodeficiency against the oral germ Streptococcus mutans, which destroys the tooth beneath the enamel. Dental hygiene and avoiding sugar help a little, but do not affect the cause at all. 
The preservation of teeth can be achieved only by removing the cause and stabilizing the immune system through vaccination against the caries germ. Plugging the cavities with allergenic and toxic substances leads to a further weakening of the immune system and progress of the disease with tooth deterioration. 
Amalgam has antibiotic properties. After some time, caries germs, dangerous resistent bacteria and fungi grow under the amalgam and cause decay. They destroy the periodontium and the jawbone. This inflammation focus, the toxic focus, constitutes the disease trigger. 
Amalgam destroys teeth and causes disease. 
Amalgam occupies the detoxification enzymes, for this reason all of the inhaled poisons are assimilated in the dental roots. The amalgam and these depot toxins with time act like immune toxins. The process is speeded up by lack of physical exercise (aiding detoxification) and nutrition poor in vitamins (which causes lack of detoxification 
A A 
Repairing cavities cannot replace removal of cause. 
tt The suffering can be reversed only by exact retracing of its path: 
Removal of the patient from the toxic environment 

Surgical removal of toxin depots 

Chemical drainage of toxin depots 

Nutrition rich in vitamins 

Physical exercise Joy of living 

1.4) The Intelligent Patient 
Only an intelligent person will understand the long-term damage caused by metals and the toxin foci that develop in their wake. The others are content with the cheapness of their dental treatment and the absence of pain, the nerves being numbed by the metals. And brushing the teeth becomes unnecessary. Smokers and constant complainers lack the necessary insight. Amalgam victims can be like a smoker who continues to smoke even after the amputation of a leg, saying “it won’t do me any harm”. 
“Whosoever claims that poisons cannot harm him, is mistaken” (Lewin, 1866). Among those who say ” Yes, but I don’t have any complaints” we find the schizophrenics with split personalities, caused by the amalgam-related glutamate disorder. Only intelligent women know, for example, that it is the size of a painless knot in the breast that determines life expectancy with a breast cancer (over 2 cm less than 5 years, under 1 cm up to 3o years). 
1.5) Inherited Poisoning 
Children inherit amalgam from their parents, partly in substance form, partly as a genetical defect. Only mothers that do not undergo a correct amalgam therapy in time, pass the poison onto their children. 
Illustration 1 : Amalgam poisoning of newborn children 
% fo – lo – 5 ” . J-.. 6 _/ 
Mother Child 

We know of none in Germany without maternal amalgam. 
Maternal amalgam is the major poison source. Up to 4O % of the total amount of poison that is stored in the mother’s organism, is passed on to the child during pregnancy, an additional 5 % during breast feeding 
The children of mothers with amalgam fillings develop caries as a result of the mother’s previous damage, the child’s caries is then again treated with amalgam fillings, although in most cases an allergy against amalgam (including the mother’s auto-immune disease) already existed. 
Prior to their falling out, mercury is assimilated from amalgam-filled teeth by the jawbones of the child, and is then built into the permanent teeth. 
Amalgam is left under about 6O % of gold crowns (recognizable by the local bone atrophy and metal foci at the roots). 
We have had amalgam removed, that contained not only mercury, zinc, silver, palladium, indium, tin and copper but also lead, cadmium or gallium (which had caused the most severe allergies). 
The release of amalgam is much increased, if other metals are adjoining to or opposite the filling (battery-effect), or upon contact with hot drinks, citric foods (vinegar) and especially grinding the teeth. 
Fluoride, from toothpastes or the “protective” dental laquer, transforms/the mercury into the highly toxic organic mercury, which is absorbed rapidly and, in particular, poisons the brain. 
2.1) Occurrence 
Over the last 25 years we were unable to find anyone in Germany, who was free of amalgam: 95 % had it themselves, 5 % had received it from their mothers during pregnancy (Feer-syndrome). 
2.2) Ingestion 
The amalgam components here set free when laying the fillings and when removing them, and every day by chewing, through contact with hot liquids, acidic foods and especially by tooth brushing and grinding. 
The strongest toxic effects are caused by the mercury vapor which enters the brain, forming deposits that cannot be removed . 
The swallowed amalgam causes local irritation along the whole digestive tract. Intestinal bacteria as well as fungi (candida) transform the less harmful inorganic metal into the highly toxic organic metal (methyl mercury/ tin), which is assimilated by the brain at once and causes the most severe nerve damage. 
The amalgam that is excreted through the urine, causes inflammation of kidneys and urinary tract. 
Assimilation in % : 6C % in vapor form into the brain 
20 % through the digestive tract into the brain in methylated form 
2O % excreted through the bowels 
This ratio is affected negatively by the simultaneous presence of other metals in the mouth: 
Gold, palladium, nickel (braces for children) considerably increase the mercury release because of the battery-effect; the extent depends on the acidity of the saliva. Exact data about this does not exist. W’hat is known is that here the allergy ratio is especially high and that many metals are assimilated in the organs.


We have endeavoured to make corrections from the original
German translation,
 but have left some as is, because
we were uncertain of the author’s original text.