3.1 million people may soon be free of artificial water
fluoridation in South East Queensland.  

SEQWATER supplies fluoridated water to the retailers,
QLD Urban Utilities and Unity Water.

 New legal research may force
SEQWATER to close down all its 24 fluoride dosing plants,
including the Gold Coast Desalination Plant.

 Code of Conduct:

inver com.opening copyWe are all committed to ‘Zero Harm’. 
We personally accept responsibility for safety 
and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety, 
health and welfare of ourselves and others. ”

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An urgent interim requirement is to warn
all customers of the side effects of fluoridation.
This is in keeping with your code of conduct.

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The new findings below may present Nicolin
Van Boxel and Louise Dudley with a new project?
See recent Australian legal research into fluoridation:

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Under the Water Fluoridation Act 2008 each local government in Queensland is able to make the decision whether or not the town water supplies within their area are fluoridated.

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