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“…Recycling and tackling chemical and smoke pollution is a good idea but CO2 is not a pollutant and the holding back of world development in the name of false science is a bad idea. The grim reality is that after two decades of campaigning honest progressive people who wanted to do good are now imprisoned by larger interests and the world is suffering and may face an uncertain nuclear future.

“The deliberate decimation of the coal industry has exacerbated the massive rises in oil prices. Coal can be cleanly turned into diesel but that is against the new ‘green religion’.

“Biofuels – the burning of food as fuel and the distortion of agriculture to grow fuel crops rather than food crops – are the main cause of the rise in world food prices and consequent starvation and death.

“Its time for a reality check to bring in only genuine green policies and save the world economy”…

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The Swift

Humans have not domesticated Swifts.