MSM  —  ( DMSO is further down the page )

[ Methylsulfonylmethane ]

Summary of benefits

  • Collagen synthesis, forming skin, blood vessels, hair and nails

  • Keep cells, skin and blood vessels elastic

  • Keeps cell walls permeable so that nutrients can freely flow into the cells and wastes and toxins can easily be removed

  • Signs of ageing: inelastic skin with increasing wrinkles, scar tissue, hardening arteries, varicose veins and also hardened lungs causing emphysema

  • Increase stamina and minimise sore muscles

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Recuperate from severe physical and mental exhaustion

  • Reduce or eliminate allergic reactions to foods, chemicals and inhaled allergens

  • Reduces reactions to the bites of mosquitoes, bees, poisonous spiders and snakes

  • Lessens inflammation, pain, stiffness and swellings due to arthritis or from other musculoskeletal system disorders and helps to normalise the blood chemistry

  • relieves leg and back cramps and muscle spasms

  • Hot flushes as well as discomfort due to the monthly cycle

  • Acne, asthma, back pain, Candida, constipation, diabetes, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, gastro-intestinal ulcers, hypertension, inflammations of all kinds, itching skin, migraines, nausea, pain, stress, sunburn and wound healing

  • Helpful with other chronic degenerative or inflammatory conditions, especially Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease, myasthenia gravis and Parkinson’s

  • Melanoma

  • Fingernails and hair

  • Reduces parasite infections in the intestinal and urogenital tracts

  • Normalise our mental condition

  • Increased alertness, reduced mood swings and less depression

  • Improve the immune system and the senses of taste and smell

  • Protects against insecticide exposure or ingestion

  • Aids the liver in the detoxification of chemicals and, with this, is useful to ease drug withdrawal symptoms

  • Inhibits pain impulses along nerve fibres (analgesia),

  • Lessens inflammation,

  • Increases blood supply,

  • Reduces muscle spasm,

  • Softens scar tissue

  • Used to dilute blood

Daily maintenance intake commonly ranges from 5 to 20 g in several divided doses rounded teaspoonful of the fine, white crystals as being approximately 5 g. The benefit of MSM will be enhanced by a diet high in vitamin C or with additional vitamin C supplements for skin rejuvenation, you may dissolve glucosamine, copper salicylate, sodium ascorbate, magnesium chloride and MSM in a small amount of (warm) water and aloe vera gel and rub it into the affected area.



[ Dimethyl sulfoxide ]

Summary of benefits

High boiling point of 189°C and solidifies at about 18°C

  • All-round microbicide effective against bacteria, fungi, mycoplasmas and   viruses

  • Improves the immune system and reduces allergies

  • Strongly anti-inflammatory with good antioxidant properties 

  • It blocks pain when rubbed onto affected muscles or joints 

  • Dilates blood vessels and improves the function of the heart

  • It efficiently transports molecules across cell membranes and moves through the blood-brain barrier 

  • Improves connective tissue, softens collagen 

  • It is a potent diuretic and very effective with chronic bladder inflammation/cystitis

  • brain and spinal cord damage

  • Down’s Syndrome

  • schizophrenia

  • ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). 

  • It is able to dissolve blood clots and prevent damage & paralysis after a stroke.  Start DMSO therapy within a few hours

  • Improves skin conditions such as psoriasis and scleroderma, 

  • Effective with autoimmune diseases,  ulcers, cystitis and other inflammatory conditions. 

  • With diabetes it can improve insulin control and blood circulation. 

  • Eye problems have been successfully treated with DMSO, including macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma cataracts, sometimes just with oral use but sometimes also with added remedies as eye drops. 

  • Brain tumours which are otherwise difficult to reach. There are also reports of an anti-cancer effect of DMSO on its own

  • Beneficial with many cancers such as breast, lung and prostate cancers, leukaemia and lymphomas. Relatively weak (2%) solutions of DMSO were eliminating leukaemia cells 

  • Protect against radiation damage, especially in regard to cancer treatment

  • Healing deep tissue, muscle injuries, burns, and other wounds

  • Gout 

  • Reduce pain from arthritis, insect bites, and other sites of pain or inflammation.  Pain may come back after several hours, it tends to lessen with each re-application of DMSO

  • Improve blood circulation, nutrient supply, dissolve obstructions, and remove stress

  • Tumours and cancer of the bone, but also jawbone infections and cavitations

  • DMSO with iodine is also effective for sfungal problems of nails, skin or scalp, e.g. manifesting as hair loss

  • Inhibit Helicobacter pylori and help heal peptic ulcers

CAUTIONS: Skin should be clean and free of undesirable chemicals, such as from commercial lotions or sunscreens.

May enhance any positive or negative effect of any medication.

To avoid skin irritation apply DMSO only in diluted form at 70% or less.  If any irritation, wash off, dilute further with pure water & reapply. 


DISCLAIMER: The above is not to be taken to be medical or legal advice, it is general information only. [blah, blah, blah ]