How Many People In Australia
Actually Drink Fluoridated Water?

Officially The NHMRC Say About 89%


First we have doubts about the 89% being accurate, due to rural areas being counted in.
So take off about 4%, guesstimate. Down to 85% say.

Now ABS, Australian Bureau of Statistics, figures say that about 10% of Aussies use tank water as their main source of drinking water.

But most of those would be in rural areas, so only take off 2%.  Down to 83%,say.

And ABS figures say that about 6.5% of people use bottled water.
Now down to 76.5%, say.

And ABS say about 32% of Aussies use a water filter of some description.
But a friend in the water filter industry estimates a quarter of those use RO filters, so take off another 8%.


Now down to 68.5%  –  Our recalculated estimate?  


Bottled water – percent usage + WA Gov. Info