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 7 Common Drugs That Contain FLUORIDE

“There are over 300 medications that contain
Fluoride and
 are prescribed to patients
without their knowledge…”


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Many Pharmaceutical Products
Are Halogenated.

Of recent years, the catalogue of fluoridated pharmaceuticals has doubled and redoubled.
The proclaimed intention of the pharmacist in fluorinating a product is to enhance still further its metabolic activity and therefore its alleged remedial qualities. For example, fludrocortisone acetate has glucocorticoid actions about 15 times as potent as hydrocortisone (unfluorinated), and mineralocorticoid effects more than 100 times as potent. 

But, in potentiating the remedial effect, the undesirable side effects are also worsened and the ‘therapeutic’ industry gets an income from two sources: from treating the original disease condition and, subsequently, from repairing the iatrogenic effects of the initial drug treatment. 

Literature quote: “Muscular weakness is an occasional side-effect of most corticosteroids (hormones).
Most evident with:

1) Fludrocortisone and

2) Triamcinolone (both fluorinated hormones).

It has been suggested that this effect is more pronounced when a fluorine atom is present in the 9th position.”

A useful example here is fluorinated toothpaste which has the long-term effect not of improving dental health but, by chronic anti-metabolic processes, of severely destroying it.
Thus every Australian city with or without fluoridated water supplies has as much as doubled the number of registered dentists since the advent of fluorinated toothpaste, fluorinated gels and fluorinated rinses.
Or take the more extreme example of little Jason Burton who had non-prescription fluorinated dental decay-prevention tablets (sodium fluoride) provided for him by loving parents who were in total ignorance of their fluoride toxic hazard.
Jason ingested a lethal dose of these tablets and died. We only know about Jason because the doctor recognized accurately and conscientiously registered the cause of his death.
The existence of the death certificate has actually been denied by pro-fluoride Australian lobby in reply to queries from overseas scientists. 

It should be clear from the foregoing and what follows that human disease conditions, ranging from ‘pot-room asthma’ through the various perilous stages of anti-cholinergic response to expiration, can be accidentally or deliberately induced by an interminable list of fluoride pollution and fluorinated compounds which include a fluorinated environment, fluorinated atmosphere and a fluorinated drinking water.


It may be difficult for the ‘man in the street’ to believe that a substance with so many industrial, commercial and medical ‘applications’ could be derived from or structured around a scientifically recognized toxic industrial waste product.



Fluoridated Acquiescence, Lethargy, Apathy, Stupidity.

There are two basic forms of halogenated tranquillizer:
major and minor.
The minor tranquillizers are halogenated with either chlorine or bromine.
The major tranquillizers, albeit of variable potency, are those numerically listed hereunder and are all fluorinated. All are anti-cholinergic agents with intentional effects on central nervous systems allied with cardiac and respiratory depression.

The figure after the hyphen is the number of proprietary products for each classification, in addition to the base chemical (in capitals).

1 – 3 BENPERIDOL: Anquil, Frenactil, Glianimon

2 – 4 DROPERIDOL: Droleptan, Dridol, Inaspin, Inapsine

3 – 1 FLUANISONE: Sedalande


5 – 1 FLUNITRAZEPAM: Rohypnol

=(Fluorinated Valium)

6 – 3 FLUOPROMAZINEH: Psyquil, Siquil, Vesprin

7 – 1 FLUOESONE: Bripidan

8 – 1 FLURBIPROFEN: Froben


10 – 3 FLOPENTHIXOL HYDROCHLORIDE: Depixol, Fluanxol,  Emergil



13 – 11 FLUPHENAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE: Modecate, Moditen, Anatensol, Daptum, Lyogen, Omce, Pancinol, Siqualone Permitil, Prolixin, & Sevinol.

14 – 2 FLURAZEPAM HYDROCHLORIDE: Dalmane, Dalmadorm

15 – 2 FLUSPIRILLINE: Redeptin, Imap

16 – 2 HALOPERIDOL: Haldol, Serenace

17 – 1 PENFLUORIDOL: Semap

18 – 2 PIPAMPERONE: Dipiperon, Proptian

19 – 18 TRIFLUOPERAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE: Amylozine Spansules, Stelabid Elixir, Stelabid Forte tabs, Stelazine, Eskazine, Calmazine, Chemflurazine, Clinazine, Fluazine, Novofluazine, Pentazine, Solazine, Trifluoper-Ez-Ets, Triflurin, Jatroneural, Terfluzin, Terfluzine


21 – 2 TRIFLUPERIDOL HYDROCHLORIDE: Triperidol, Psicoperidol.

 This is a total of 21 fluorinated tranquillising compounds plus an additional 58 brand-name major tranquillisers using a fluoride as an ingredient. Undoubtedly many others have been added to this list since the reference work was published in June 1977.

Note: No. 5 — FLUNITTRAZEPAM (Rohypnol), which is fluorinated Valium, was recently prescribed for a youth in Wesrtern Australia and was blamed for his subsequent death.
Valium (Diazepam) was the “tranquilliser most involved” in road accident victims, according to a study carried out by Sydney University (Prof. Graham Starmer, Quantum, 26 April 1988).
An obvious question: What aggravated effect would the increased potency of the fluorinated variety (Rohypnol) have on the road fatalities?

 Rohypnol and Valium are proprietary names of Roche products. Roche was a Swiss member of the I.G. Farben cartel and is probably more infamous for the terrible Stanley Adams family tragedy accurately immortalised in the film,
‘A Song For Europe’. 

The ABC TV program, 7.30 Report (12 May 1988), told how the Western Australian penal system routinely administered both Serapax and Rohypnol (synergistic drugs) to prisoners to “make them into little robots most of the time” – including, it was alleged, throughout pregnancy.


RELEVANT FOOTNOTES: Florida International University (Rotton, Tikovsky and Feldman) showed that: “..minute amounts (0.45ppm) of sodium fluoride solution… impair visual sensorimotor performance” with a consequent slowing down in mental and physical reaction times (sedative or tranquillising effect) (JAP vol.67:2). This finding is of relevance when driving or operating machinery, if of no other consequence. Nevertheless, attempts over a number of years to draw the attention of those authorities allegedly concerned with driver/industrial safety, have been met only with silence or obstruction.
Early in 1987, Swedish researchers linked tranquillisers to birth defects, nominating (in Lancet) the drug benzodiazepine (Diazapam or Valium) as a particular culprit.)



Fluoridated Unconsciousness

(The penultimate in mind and behaviour control.)

As with fluorinated tranquillisers, there are a number of anaesthetics halogenated with chlorine and bromine.
The ‘popular’ modern anaesthetics are those listed here, which are all fluorinated. Once again, all are anti-cholinergic agents with intentional, designed effects on central human nervous systems, accompanied by cardiac and respiratory depression.


2 – ISOFLURANE: Forane


4 – ENFLURANE: Ethrane

5 – HALOTHANE: FLuorothane, Somnothane.


NOTE: There are scientific studies which demonstrate that the progeny of anaesthetists have a higher rate of birth defect than does the general community. A significant statistic in the established perinatal (SIDS) mortality/fluorine connection.
Some of the hazardous side-effects given in the medical literature for fluorinated anaesthetics are difficult to separate from those effects intended to induce a hopefully controllable unconscious state. For example, under “toxic effects” are listed “respiratory depression”, “depressant action on the cardiovascular system”, “Bradycardia and profound hypotension (or slowing pulse and drop in blood pressure),”hepatic dysfunction” (or liver damage), “Halothane blocks the transmission of nerve impulses through ganglia” (or central nervous system inhibition), and “cardiac arrest” (or death).

In other words, all of the anti-cholinergic effects variously intended or variously inherent are induced by the fluorinated propellants, fluorinated pharmaceuticals and/or fluorinated tranquillisers and fluorinated exterminators 
[and industrial gases].

So far, these “data” pages illustrate how fluorine and fluoridation have been sold, packaged and/or prescribed for both public and professional credibility on ‘health’ grounds.
The final page deals with the same halogen as it really is, really was and always will be, and as it is employed in those products listed. — It is one of the deadliest, multi-functional and insidious poisons known to mankind. 

It is significant, in the context of deliberate government mind-control and physical/chemical intervention, to note that in Australia the hazardous fluorinated anti-metabolic agents and anti-cholinergic agents enjoy federal and state government approval and subsidised distribution, whilst the safe nutritional substances, vitally necessary to combat and repair systemic chronic toxic injury wrought by the “free drugs”, are available only at considerable cost to the victim. Furthermore, the same bureaucracy that approved the ‘killers’ has sought to restrict public access to the remedial supplements. Some local councils even infringe the laws of medical prescription and issue free sodium fluoride tablets for dosing of children without any warning, muchless any advice on antidotes. 

And those same government instrumentalities and ministerial ‘heads’ that oppose the ready availability of nutritional supplements are the same ministers and public servants who lie, cheat, defraud, defame, blackmail and coerce to increase the distribution or compel the ingestion of fluorides and fluoride-bearing products: the same as those who, in defence of the Australian Constitution (section 51 [xxiiia]), legislated to have the chemical dumped into our drinking water supplies.

To sum up the above, the killer drugs are approved, encouraged or enforced and subsidised, while the vital remedial nutrients and metabolites (rendered more necessary by the ‘free’ hazardous drugs) are not subsidised but availability is officially discouraged and obstructed.


Fluoridated Death
(The Ultimate in Mind and Behaviour Control).
As with tranquillisers and anaesthetics, chemical warfare gases are halogenated. Riot-control gases, tear gas or lacrimators employ either chlorine (chlorinated, e.g. mace) or bromine (brominated) as halogenators, but the lethal German-developed (I.G. Farben) nerve gases Soman and Sarin are both fluorinated and replaced the earlier chlorinated Tabun for speed and efficacy in killing the enemy by their immediate anti-cholinergic agency.

1) – SARIN: Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoidate

 – production and stockpiling of sarin was outlawed as of April 1997.

2) – SOMAN: Pinacolyl methlphosphonofluoridate.

 The almost immediate death caused by exposure to nerve gases is a result of instantaneous ‘blocking’ of catalysis and nerve action by the fluorinated gas, by acute anti-cholinergic agency (enzymatic ‘blocking’) and consequent cessation of heart and lung function.

 Included here are two medical fluorinated compounds called:

3) – DYFLOS: (DI-isopropyl fluorophosphate) Designed to treat, inter alia, the eye disease glaucoma, it is described in the literature as an “irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor (anti-cholinergic agent) and the toxic effects may be prolonged. Systemic toxicity occurs after inhalation of the vapour.”

4) – FLUOROURACIL: Uracil is an essential human metabolite. It is fluorinated in a ‘last resort’ attempt to control the growth and/or destroy cancer cells through enzyme (DNA and RNA) ‘blocking’ activity. “The toxic effects are severe and sometimes fatal.” It is often paradoxical in action and actually provokes cancer. Side-effects, all severe and numerous, are those associated with other fluorinated anti-cholinergic agents set out previously.

The physiological consequences attending this deliberate fluorination of a human metabolite illustrates the deadly peril of any fluorination process but, in particular, the fluorination of a vital metabolite (rendering it anti-metabolic in action), human electrolyte or essential nutrient such as water.

5) – FLUOROACETAMIDE (Compound 1081): Another instance of a vital metabolite, acetamide’ being converted (halogenated) to a potent anti-metabolite by fluorination.

In Britain, this product, a close chemical cousin to the stuff used to fluorinate water supplies and toothpastes, etc., “is restricted to the extermination of rats in ships and sewers.”

6) – HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID (fluorosilicic acid, hydrofluoric acid): A toxic ‘waste product’ of the fertiliser industry, it is now used for fluoridation of drinking water.
To quote from medical literature, “Warning: Inhalation Hazard. Inhalation of hydrofluorosilicic acid from soaked cotton clothing could cause irreversible lung damage in one minute” due to anti-cholinergic activity.

7) – SODIUM FLUORIDE: A ‘waste product’ of the aluminium industry and used in fluoridation of drinking water, this hazardous intractable garbage has become, by dint of promotion and sly public re-education, the active ingredient in fluorinated pesticides, fungicides, nematodides, rodenticides, anaesthetics, tranquillisers, fluorinated medications (pharmaceuticals), a number of industrial and domestic products, fluorinated dental gels, rinses and toothpastes.
In other words, sodium fluoride is so much a part of multibillion-dollar industrial and pharmaceutical income that any withdrawal for any reason by the promoters, the fluoridationists or by anyone who has supported them for whatever purpose is impossible on a financial basis, embarrassing on a reputation basis, and unthinkable on a legal basis.

(Compound 1080, [♦] as No.5 above):
This seems to be the preferred ‘exterminator’ for rodents, etc., on the proclaimed grounds that it is slightly less hazardous for humans. Death by 1080 will take a little longer and be slightly less painful than death by 1081. It will, however, be no less permanent.

9) – SODIUM SILICOFLUORIDE: This waste product of the fertiliser industry is used in fluoridation of drinking water.
By international law it must be removed from fertiliser so that pastures, crops, sheep and cattle will not be harmed. That it is then sold for disposal through the community kidneys is not a matter of international concern. Until this more profitable use was found, it was used almost exclusively as an insecticide and rodenticide – an exterminator.

 While this thesis is directed at the ‘grass roots’ where people are most likely to be affected (as a result of being screened from the truth), there will be some who, retaining the foolish but implanted ‘reference complex’, will need to verify the content. This will be a simple matter for their own or public library sources without biased prompting by the author. 

That said, the author acknowledges the considerable value of the following for evidential support of this thesis:

* The Extra Pharmacopoeia, Martindale, editions nos. 25 and 27.

* Encyclopedia Britannica, ed. no. 15

* The Unseen Hand, by Ralph Epperson.

* The Case Against Fluoridation, by Lee Hardy.

* Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart

* World Without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin.

* The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben, by Joseph Borkin.

* Certain unrefuted, unchallenged correspondence, allegations and scientific papers by the author.



Since it was the parliamentary activities of Harley Rivers Dickinson, Member for South Barwon (Victoria), that prompted the research that led to writing of this thesis, it is fitting that the epilogue should refer to more representational work on the same subject (fluoridation of water supplies) by the same Member in the same Parliament.

 In February 1983,  Harley Dickinson placed two “questions on notice” to the then Minister for Health, – Roper, on behalf of his Geelong district constituents. The first question was in 10 parts and the second in eight parts, affording some excuse for delay in preparing comprehensive answers. 

The questions were answered and recorded in Hansard of 7 April 1988 by the now-displaced T. Roper, on behalf of the present Minister for Health, D. White, more than five years after the asking – a period of waiting intolerable in a health matter, even were the questions answered in a generally responsible fashion which they certainly were not. 

Without going into the detail of questions and answers, having pointed out the extreme and perilous lassitude of the (Victorian) State Government, suffice it to remark that the answers varied from patent falsehood to inadvertent exposure of ministerial fraud: from the repeated quoting of proven fraudulent ‘evidence’ to accurate but selected part-quotations of literature evidence: from admissions of impropriety by the Victorian bureaucracy to baseless assertions.



: This story is full of overlapping, interwoven, interlocking circumstance beyond the statistical or reasonable bounds of chance or coincidence. Pursuing each facet, each tortuous avenue from “The Dickinson Statement” as a starting point will confound and dumbfound the pursuer with still more mind-boggling information.


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