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200 pages – Mind Altering


One chapter on fluoridation


The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America


Eustace Mullins

   Extract from Page 91 – 102


…Congressman Miller stated that  “The chief supporter of the fluoridation of water is the U.S. Public Health Service.
This is part of Mr. Ewing’s Federal Security Agency.
Mr. Ewing is one of the highly paid lawyers for the Aluminum Company of America.”
It was hardly accidental that Washington, D.C., where Oscar Ewing was king, was one of the first large American cities to fluoridate its water supply. At the same time, Congressmen and other politicians in Washington were privately alerted by Ewing’s minions that they should be careful about ingesting the fluoridated water.
Supplies of bottled water from mountain springs then appeared in every office on Capitol Hill; these have been maintained continuously ever since, at the taxpayers’ expense. One Senator, who went so far as to carry a small flask of spring water with him when he dined at Washington’s most fashionable restaurants, assuring his dinner companions that
“Not one drop of fluoridated water will ever pass my lips.” —
Such are the guardians of our nation…


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