Fluoride affects more than just developing teeth.

Even dinosaurs have ingested water and
 contaminated by fluoride
from volcanic gases and ash and

suffered the consequence in
of painful arthritic effects.

‘Deno The Dinosaur’

Extract from the Book

‘The Complete Dinosaur’

Edited by

James Orville Farlow, M. K. Brett-Surman

Effect Of Volatiles Erupted From Mesozoic
And Cenozoic
 Volcanic Activities On
Paleo-environmental Changes In China

Zhengfu GUO (*), Xiaoyu CHEN, Jiaqi LIU
Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment,
Institute of Geology and Geophysics,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Beijing 100029, China


Mt. Changbai active volcano 1000 years ago yielded a significant amount of volatiles (including Chlorine, Fluoride, Sulphur and water). Comparison of the concentration and total mass of the volatiles between the Mt. Changbai active volcano and most catastrophic active eruptions worldwide indicates that the Mt. Changbai volcanic eruption may have resulted in obviously paleo- environmental changes by ozone depletion, pollution of water and plants and a temperature decline because the volcano emitted much higher contents and total mass of volatiles than others in the world…

91 Volcanoes Beneath The Ice Sheet-West Antarctica

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