Australian Bushfires Emitted The Same Level Of CO2
As Annual Global Air Travel

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   …Australia’s severe bushfires released a massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, equivalent to the annual emissions from commercial air travel worldwide, a new report reveals.

Australia’s black summer took 33 lives, killed one billion animals, destroyed 2439 homes, burnt millions of hectares, wiped billions out of the economy and put a devastating amount of CO2 back into the atmosphere, the first comprehensive overview, compiled by the Climate Council, shows.

The catastrophic bushfires spewed an average of 900 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, more than Australia’s annual emissions that sit around 531 million tonnes, Australian National University climate scientist Will Steffen told The New Daily. 

“This is an enormous burst of carbon [dioxide], bigger than what we’ve ever seen before,” Professor Steffen said.

“They were more than our annual national emissions…